This project works to create opportunities for volunteers, migrants and refugees to work together to share hope, educate and create positive change.  

We work in two areas - driving instruction for recently settled refugees in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs, and with individuals and families detained at the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accomodation.  

Driving Instruction

In partnership with the Migrant Information Centre (East Melbourne), we aim to provide clients with the opportunity to access driving lessons and practice in order to gain their license.  This will in turn increase their employment opportunities and their access to job interviews and workplaces.
Eligible clients are given a place in a Driver's Education program, followed by subsidised driving lessons with a qualified instructior who speaks the appropriate community language (if possible).  Clients then continue their driving practice under t he supervision of trained ADRA Volunteers.

Melbourne Immigration Transit Accomodation (MITA)

Volunteers can also be involved by visiting individuals and families at MITA in Broadmeadows.  The aim is to extend care and hope to those detained at the centre, developingfriendships through regular visits.  We are currently looking into getting involved in the programs run by Serco at the centre, and in particular Gardening and Landscaping projects.
For more information, to becoma a volunteer driving mentor or to get involved at MITA, contact Sarah Courtney.