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See our inspiring videos Dedication Certificate
See our Video Resources Pastoral Visitation
Tips for Children's Ministry What Matters Most Poster
Partnering with Parents in Children's Ministry Tips on Making Scripture stick 1, 2 & 3
Commitment Ceremony

Gracelink Ministry Resourses for Sabbath School

For understanding of how Gracelink works and other resources

Gracelink Brochure / Glossary / How to use Gracelink / Gracelink dynamics / Curriculum / Gracelink FAQs / Age Group guidelines / Learning Style doc 1 / doc 2 / Total Hour  / Understanding Beginners / Understanding Kindergarten / Understanding Primary / Understanding Juniors

Child Evangelism

Helping your child share their faith

Download Image / Contents / 1 - Children First / 2 - Growing God's Love / 3 - Easy Evangelism / 4 - Tell a Child: Tell the World - A) / B) / C)

Kids and Church

Tips for Worship Leaders & Pastors

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Kids and Church

Surviving Church

helping parents survive and making it a worshipful experience

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Multi-Generational Worship


Teaching Children Authentic Worship

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Committment Cerememony

Ceremony Guide
Child's Certificate



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