Welcome to the SHINE Club! We'd love for you and your family to sign up for this exciting challenge. SHINE stands for 'Serve Him IN Everything'.

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When you join the SHINE Club you will recieve a Journal and can then begin serving and sharing Jesus in your:

* Home

* Community

* Church

* and World Mission


Families can join the club by themselves or Sabbath School or Adventurer Clubs can join up for their whole class. Maybe your whole church would like to join! Journaling your SHINE challenges is lots of fun and a great way to see how Jesus is working in your life.


As members of the SHINE Club you will be able to:

* Learn the theme song

* Crate a 'Worship in a Box' kit for families in the Pacific Islands

* Link in to some fantastic ADRA projects

* Recieve a certificate, badge and special prize for completing 20 entries!


If you would like to be part of the SHINE Club then contact us  and we will let you know how to get started.


Below you will find some resources to help you SHINE!

Click here to download a High Resolution PDF of this Poster  Download the pictures to decorate your box here Click here to download a High Resolution PDF of this Poster



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