Evangelism 2015-2019
The good news is that the Adventist Church in Victoria grew by 15.3% at the last census.  However, Adventists in Victoria are just a drop in the proverbial bucket, making up just 0.19% of Victoria.  Many are yet to meet an Adventist or know who we are!   

The General Conference Urban Evangelism initiative recognised the mass of humanity now lives in the world’s cities.  Melbourne is rapidly expanding and we have a vision to see the gospel spread across it.

But the desire is also for us all to be effective in reaching our neighbourhoods, whether in small country centres, regional cities, or our biggest city of all.  At the heart of our plan is the “cycle of evangelism” and this approach can be applied in every church in Victoria, adapting it to meet the needs of each local community and the skills of each church. 

The Cycle of Evangelism
his approach recognises that evangelism is not a single event.  It is not a program you invite people to.  It is something that is ongoing and includes ALL aspects of church life: spiritual renewal within our churches; bridge building within our communities; events which bring our communities into our churches; and the discipling which follows.

Each phase poses its own challenges for us as we seek to be faithful to God’s call.
Spiritual Renewal – what can we do to help our own members develop a closer relationship with God?
Bridge Building
– how can we develop relationships with our local communities?  As Christ ‘got out there’, meeting the people and their needs, what can we do?
– As the Holy Spirit moves on the hearts of the people we are getting to know, what programs and events can we run that will assist, that will be the catalyst for taking a stand for God?
– what events/programs can we offer to nurture each other and new believers?  What training programs are there to assist with this, as we prepare for the next phase of the cycle?

And finally, how can we join together with other Adventist churches to work more effectively?

Melbourne’s Urban Mission

Fast Facts about Melbourne...               

Voted World’s Most Liveable City – four years running

Melbourne – 76% Vic Pop.

Australia’s fastest growing city

Melbourne Adventists – 70% Vic Adventists

Population at June 2013: 4.35 mil

                0.19% of Melbourne’s pop.

Born overseas: 33.2%

                0.37% in Melbourne’s East

Largest Greek speaking pop. outside Greece

                0.06% in Melbourne City

2nd most popular surname: Nguyen

                0.14% in Melbourne’s North

Annual pop. increase: 100,000+

Pastor to Member ration highest in city & lowest in Eastern suburbs

Projected population 2050: 8 mil

Pastor to Population ration highest in East & lowest in North

The vision to reach the urban mission field of Melbourne has led to Melbourne being split into seven key geographical regions which can work independently or cooperatively.  It is planned that each region and church will endeavour to implement the cycle of evangelism in 2015-16, and again in 2018, in preparation for city wide reaping events in 2017 and 2019.  This pattern can also be adopted in country areas as appropriate.

History shows us that city-wide evangelistic meetings have a positive impact.  Melbourne has hosted a number in the past.  In 1992, the series, presented by Kenneth Cox, was marked by widespread support from the churches and had well-managed preparation, with lengthy lead-up times.  A striking feature of this series was that the year before the Cox program ran – when preparation was in full swing – baptisms were up significantly, as pastors and churches came together with a positive focus on evangelism.  And 1992 remains the highest year for accessions to the Adventist Church in Victoria to this day. 

Where is the mission field?  It is as close as the next-door house, street or suburb! 

Let’s pray for God to guide us to be faithful to the mission He has given us.

The Seven Geographical regions
Western Suburbs: a high growth, high immigration area with a mix of older industrial suburbs and newer suburbs rapidly expanding.  Includes Werribee, Sunshine and Spotswood.
North West growth Corridor: follows the Western, Calder and Tullamarine Highways and includes Victoria’s largest Adventist School.  Suburbs include working class areas as well as more aspirational and newer suburbs.
Northern Corridor: reaches from Preston, marked by a large number of immigrants, to Mernda where a new school has been acquired and a church plant underway.  It contains one of the lowest densities of Adventists in Melbourne.
City & Inner Urban: this area has recently experienced significant residential growth, with more predicted, but has minimal Adventist presence.  There is a mix of recently planted church groups and historic inner urban churches.
Inner & Outer East: historically Melbourne’s Bible belt, with the strongest representation of Adventists.  Stretching from Mont Albert to Warburton, there are no growth corridors.  Victoria's largest Adventist churches are in this area.
South Eastern Corridor: stretching from long established suburbs out to Pakenham and Cranbourne (high growth areas).  It contains more Adventist Churches than any other region.
Mornington Peninsula: area south of Frankston with high quality freeways built to service future growth of this region.  It has been a retirement destination but also is growing across the board.  The Adventist presence in this area is very low.

Each local church minister has received more information and documentation about the cycle of evangelism and ways to implement it, so if you would like know more have a chat with your pastor.


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