Abuse Prevention Day

The fourth Sabbath in August has been designated as the Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day. Women's Ministries will be supplying material that can be used that day just as it does for the International Women's Day of Prayer in March and the Women's Ministries Emphasis day in June.

August 27. 2016

 Another enditnow Emphasis Day is here and once again we are focusing on this terrible issue that plagues our homes, neighborhoods, even our churches, countries and the world at large. The cry of our hearts is "Come Lord Jesus!"

Yet each day that passes as we wait is one more day of pain and anguish in the lives of many in this world. What can we do? Our sermon this year calls us to focus on the source of true love, our Heavenly Father. It is only as we are filled with God's love can we show the love, care, and empathy for those suffering from abuse or recovering from abuse.

The other area we are focusing on is "Emotional Healing." Once a victim is free from an abusive situation the long road to recovery has just begun. Emotional scars can last a life time. How can we help? What can we say?

Our pray this year as you present this information to your churches is that we will begin to see the scab of abuse removed and the healing power of love applied to each wound.

The Great Healer said, "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" Matthew 11:28 NKJV. Let us bring those who are abused and hurting to our Savior who along can give them the rest - emotional, physical, spiritual - that they need.


Heather-Dawn Small, Director