Thirsty for Living Water?
Women's Ministries Emphasis Day

June 11, 2016

Women's Ministries Emphasis Day is on the Church's Calendar of Days and Events and falls on the second Sabbath each June. It is an opportunity for women to lead out in a worship service and a chance to educate the church regarding the purposes of Women's Ministries.

This is a global event, and what a blessing it is to be part of a global family. This year the theme for WM Emphasis Day is “Power to Forgive.”

 Have you ever been thirsty? I mean really, really thirsty. When all you could think about was a glass of cool water. Sometimes when I travel and we are driving hours from one location to another, I get so thirsty. Especially if the weather is hot. Then all I can think about is that when I arrive I will drink, and drink, and drink all the water I can find. The thought of quenching my thirst seems to be all I can think about.

Now think about a time when life’s trials were overwhelming. Maybe it was one trial that consumed your waking hours and even disturbed your sleep. Imagine someone came and offered you peace in the middle of the storm, courage to face whatever life brings, joy that would strengthen your day? Would you not desire such help as much as a thirsty man longs for water?

This year our theme for WM Emphasis Day is “Are You Thirsting for Living Water?” We know from that well-known story in John 4 that only Jesus Christ has the water we need to quench our souls desire for comfort, peace, strength, courage, faith, joy, and so much more. So this year we invite you to come to our Savior for He says, “For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods on the dry ground” (Isaiah 44:3). Come my sister, come.


Heather-Dawn Small, GCWM Director