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Big Camp 2020 has been cancelled

Due to the increasing risk of the coronavirus COVID-19, the priority of the health and safety of all church members and employees and on the advice of medical professionals, the Conference Board of Directors has taken action to cancel Big Camp 2020
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A Greater Burden

We love Big Camp. We really missed it last year & were looking forward to it this year. However, I believe a lot of people won't come anyway under the circumstances therefore making it also a larger financial burden on the conference. I also have serious concerns as every year the toileting & showering facilities are inadequate & struggle to cope. (No offence intended. Just a factual part of the camp experience) They get very wet, flooded, steamy, busy & sadly, dirty. A general environment conducive to bacterial...

We Have a Responsiblity

One of the issues I see is our responsibility around community health and supporting our health care system. The Victorian Government is trying to put in place processes that will reduce the spike in cases and thus reduce the load on the health care system. If we have a sudden massive spike in cases this will directly impact our health services and they may or may not be able to cope with this sudden increase in demand especially if their health care workers are also affected. Are we being responsible to our community if we run Big...

Praying for the Exec

We will pray for the correct decision will be made tonight at the Executive Committee and that God will bless His church.

Don’t be Foolhardy

As the world is taking stringent measures it would be foolhardy for us not to. I will not be attending this year and I think many will decide on the same.  

It is ‘Out There’

While there is no doubt our wisdom must come from God, as a medical practitioner, I would advise against holding Big Camp this year.  There is good evidence that spread of the Corona virus has begun in the wider Australian community, and a large meeting such as Big Camp will only facilitate that spread among our members. I pray that God will guide you and our church leaders in the decision that is made.

Travel Concerns

My only concern is that there will be speakers that would have traveled by plane to attend this event and put others at risk of being contaminated. Our family would be very saddened if it was cancelled but would fully understand your decision


We are very torn as a family as to if it should go a head or not .The risk to elderly and those with conditions is huge if the virus came in and the tension if they closed the camp while we all were there for 14 days would be crazy bad.  For us  I would say call yes or no now, but still get presenters to come to a local spot or live stream from their homes for all to watch. This could be made open to the public as an awesome outreach program.

Nightmare-ish Potential

The toilet situation is not good at the best of times. It would be a PR nightmare if anything went wrong. Let's get some unifying satellite presentation that all churches can watch at the same time.

Keep BC2020

But due to health issues, I cannot participate in all the programs.

Church Gatherings Spread It

In my opinion, we should NOT run Big Camp this Easter for the following reasons: The Church demographic is decidedly skewed to the older people and this is exactly those most at risk of suffering most under COVID-19.  The mortality rate for over sixies is more than 10 time that for under sixties.   The experience in several other places such as Korea and Italy shows that church gatherings are particularly efficient at spreading COVID-19.  It would be most unfortunate that the Victorian SDA Big Camp was blamed for spreading this...

On-site Testing Needed

As a Nurse and married to a doctor we say NO.  Reasons are: Moral duty to protect our neighbour by not being a catalyst in providing an event to spreading the virus; ? Legal duty (emergency powers likely to be enacted soon) to ban gatherings;  The Coronavirus Has been declared by WHO today as a pandemic due to rate of          spread and increase in mortality rate (~6%)  in places like Italy. IF we did go ahead then we should –or must have medical testing facilities on site and have decontamination staff to clean camp and it is...

Virus Too Unknown

No. Big Camp should not proceed in 2020. It would be irresponsible to run any large event such as this during this worldwide health crisis, given what we know, and what we do not know about this virus and its transmission.

Wise but Sad

We also love Big Camp and would love to see Big Camp go ahead in 2020. As  members of a country church we can't express how much we look forward to camp. Our grandson, Joshua, who is 10 was to attend camp with us and we are bitterly disappointed on his behalf, he also missed Junior camp this year due to the bush fires. No big camp for 2 years will take a toll on future camps. However, we concede that it would probably be very unwise for camp to go ahead this year. It must naturally follow that with Big Camp cancelled that we must...

Think of the Vulnerable

As a family we were looking forward to Big Camp as we always do. It’s a blessing to spend time with other pastors and serve our church as a team. However, in light of this current crisis and thinking of our little ones for my family I would have to say to postpone Big Camp this year to 2021 when hopefully this crisis has been cleared.

I vote No to big camp 2020. 

Thank you for your consideration of our opinions. I believe as the world is taking stringent measures we should do the same.    

For Health

Yeah it’s true that Big camp brings more blessings to all participants and strengthen the spiritual growth. But in terms of the current outbreaks of the coronavirus, I would agree to cancel the camp this 2020 for sake of the health and well-being of our members. Because if it happens that someone who has cotonavirus attend the camp, it would be easy to spread quickly and no one could have capacity to control it.   And the effect or cost of attending the camp would be much greater than cost to cancel the Big camp.

Would be a shame to cancel, but…

My wife and I have been camp attendees for many years now, and it is without a doubt one of the highlights of the year.  We would attend if it proceeds and we’ll ensure we take all necessary precautions, so it’s a 'Still Run It in 2020' from us.  It would be sad to cancel but we will understand if you have to.  I appreciate this is not an easy decision for you, given the risks involved.


I really hope big camp proceeds

Run Camp

There is an option to have everyone attending to sign a form stating that they have no symptoms - no fevers/runny nose/sore throat/difficulty breathing/cough.  If anyone has symptoms they cannot attend.  And getting attendees to sign a form saying they have followed DHS recommendations for self-isolation following return from the ....(the big list of countries). (This is what we are doing at work - at a Melbourne Metro Hospital) Obviously, this would not fully prevent the virus, but unless the whole country is in lock-down and...

Dont Give in to Fear

I say Yes to Big Camp running for 2020, Victoria has a population of 385,999 to my understanding there are about 380 cases of the virus in the whole country. why would you give into fear , where is the faith in God, he said he will protect his own. so YESSSSSSSSS to Big Camp

Better to be Pro Active

I vote we do not have Big Camp. Reasons: Things will only get worse in a month’s time. Better to be proactive than reactive. Gives people time to cancel their plans/refunds on accomodation, etc... If we run it, numbers will be down. Many of Wantirna aren’t going. NNSW and WA are cancelling theirs. Would be good to have a united front as a Union.

Better Safe than Sorry

Judging by the current situation, I think it would be wise to cancel the event.  I have already made plans to attend.  Already paid and was looking forward to bring our granddaughter.  Better be safe than sorry

Prevention is better than cure

No.  Keyword at this stage is prevention.

Sacrifices Need to be Made

I am a registered nurse and I think we should cancel big camp. There are not many cases now but by the time big camp comes it will probably triple. The AMA want all public events cancelled including the Grand Prix. I don't think we should risk even one infected person mingling with the elderly. We have seen the potential of this virus. It had killed more than 120 people over night. It's sounds radical but these are the sacrifices that need to be made to prevent further cases.

Medical Perspective

The only thing that surprises me about this decision, is that the Conference is seeking input from email recipients about it! It seems like a straightforward decision, which the Executive are quite capable of making themselves. Any criticism they may receive now will surely be forgotten as the full effects of the virus are made known. It will be very sad not to have Big Camp again this year, but much less so than potentially loosing large numbers of our community prematurely. Containment of the COVID-19 virus to numbers which our...

Take Precautions

We have a number of nurses in our church and from what I can gather they would advise against it at this point but I haven’t directly asked them, I’m simply going with all the precautions they have now made to our church and the comments made that some should just stay home and not come to church, I imagine they would say the same about big camp.

Use the Wisdom Given Us

It would be better to be safe than sorry.  I know that God is with that Camp but He is also giving us an information to avoid that kind of circumstances.  I say NO to holding it, for now.

Camp Should Continue

Myself, believe we should continue with the camp, my Grandma always told me "all things work together for good to those who love the Lord”. We are a people that have and live by The health message, “or so we ought”, like any virus or bacteria, it effects those with poorer health. We serve a big God...

Life Goes On

I think big camp should still run. Whoever has the virus most likely will not be aware they have it and will still live their life normally infecting everybody the come into contact with.  We will all get it eventually , just have to look after our health.

A NoBrainer!

As much as we love big camp, our health system is doing all it can to slow the infection. It should be a no brainier. Just make the decision and be done with it.

A Doctor’s view on Covid19 and Big Camp

As a medical practitioner & church elder, i have to say the risks are significant  for major problems if Big Camp were to proceed in ANY part of Australia this year ( especially NSW & Victoria at the moment).  If there was even 1 case of COVID 19 the entire camp congregation would have to be traced ,tested , & quarantined for  2 weeks .   I guarantee it would be headline news on all TV stations .  This publicity i feel would almost certainly be uniformly negative .   ( One of the tests the AMA uses for deciding  a...

In the Travel Industry…

As we are right up with the effects of the CV in the currently worst hit business sector of travel and tourism, I thought we should add our voice. As the travel industry, and our business, has been severely hit by the enormous downturn and suspension of travel of our clients, there has been a reason for this. The general public believe that both the media hype and the announcements by the business world, the health departments, the politicians and soothsayers has been very confusing. Giving out advice to our many clients regarding...

Things are Getting Worse

I believe we should cancel. As mentioned we do not have proper hygiene at the camp. Majority of the attendees are elderly and children even babies. Their risk factors are higher. We also cannot control the coming in and out of attendees and day visitors. We know God can protect us. But He also does not want us to take the risk. Things is getting worst not better with this virus. May God guides your decision on the 12th of March.

Good Hygiene Practice

Yes, camp should go on. Make sure good hygiene is in practice, clean toilets, hand cleaners available and soap in the toilet. If any one is sick they should not come to camp

If it Escalates

Given the seriousness of this virus I think Big Camp should be cancelled. We don't know whether the Corona virus will have escalated significantly by the time Big Camp is due to be held. God Bless you and those responsible for making the decision,

Still Keen

Yes we would like to go to Big camp.

Blown Out of Perspective?

Yes Big Camp should go ahead – with the understanding that older people and babies/immune supressed people maybe in a more vulnerable position than the rest of us.  However, the media has blown this all out of perspective…would you cancel it for the flu??

Someone Will be a Carrier

I hesitate to write this letter because I love Big Camp and am devastated at the thought of missing another year. If Big Camp is running, I will absolutely be there with my family (pending health status of course!). Having said that, I believe it the prudent option for the church as an organisation to not run camp.  Given the current estimates of transmission, it's almost certain that someone would be a carrier at such a large gathering.  Even in a best-case-scenario where it were quickly contained and all health impacts mild, the...

Consider All Our Events

Its a big Responsibility to run the even given the recent Health Scare.   Its not just camp but also other big group public gatherings that are at risk.  What measures do we have to put into place to counter the recent Health risks ie. Toilets, First Aid, Sanitation,  Staff training and Medical emergency....  

The Risks are High

The risks are too great considering the limited hand washing facilities and high people contact...

Too Unpredictable

Thank you for your email. I would be disappointed if Big Camp was cancelled this year and was planning to attend with my sister. However the situation with the Covid 19 virus appears somewhat unpredictable with conflicting opinions in the community about how to manage it. Whatever decision is made, I know you will be acting on the best advice available to you and with the best interest of church members in mind. God  bless you.

Online Camp

Let's cancel Big Camp and put our efforts into doing an online version. I'm happy to waive my (already paid) camp fees, although I understand not everyone can do so. We need to be wise when there are already accusations against Christian groups as in Korea for causing the spread of the virus there. Risk Management Services must be involved of course, to mitigate the financial losses.

Perfect Setting to Spread

Big Camp is a very social event and person to person contact is high with the potential of spread going across Victoria and other areas where visitors come from.

Difficult Decision Made.

Due to the increasing risk of the coronavirus COVID-19, the priority of the health and safety of all church members and employees and on the advice of medical professionals, the Conference Board of Directors has taken action to cancel Big Camp 2020.  The full statement can be read here  

A Matter for Prayer

I have actually been praying about this now for a couple of weeks. Praying in regards also to the decisions the administrative team ultimately have to make. I'm none the wiser with regards to what to do, however I know the God we serve will give you the wisdom and knowledge to make the right call in regards to this situation. May the Lord continue to guide and bless you.

Protector’s Role

The shepherd's role is to protect the flock. Best to cancel Big Camp 2020 until further research and immunity against the virus risk is discovered. Perhaps the resources normally spent for Big Camp could be used for church planting in Victoria. We are very keen to see a church planted in regional areas around Melbourne such as Phillip Island for example.

God’s Will Will…

For me, the risk is too high. Common toilets and baths. Limited water and close proximity with each other during meetings. The more gatherings/crowd, the more it gets complicated to isolate or control the spread. A  person can still be asymptomatic but carries the virus. May the Lord continue to lead and show direction to every decision the leaders will make. The Lord may open another way of doing the camp to get the message to all the believers.

Think of the Risk to our Older Folk

I think it’s best if we don’t run big camp. I think there’s just too much of a health risk for the older folk.  I pray for God’s strength in the decision making !


We pray that the camp can go ahead.  Pray for God to protect and shield us.

Be Prudent

I know that this is a big decision and do feel that COVID-19 has been overblown, however under the circumstances, it may be prudent to cancel camp this year.  Believe the risk to our senior church members, being the age group that is most at risk, could become unacceptable very quickly.  Thus my feeling of No to proceed.   Praying for the committee as they meet to consider.

No to Camp

Better safe than sorry is my view. No Camp this time.

Better to be Careful

I always think it’s better to be safe than sorry. My family absolutely love big camp, however, my husband has an autoimmune disease, and my mum has cancer, so I think it’s safe to say I prefer it be cancelled. Also thinking of the great germ sharing feat in the children's divisions

Go Ahead

Yes, it should go ahead, in God we trust.

Not Worth it

The risk is too great. If an out break occurred we would not only suffer the consequences but would receive unfavourable news coverage.   Knowing it would disappoint many people including my family, it would be wise to cancel Camp over Easter.

Be Pragmatic

NO to Big Camp 2020 as infection could easily spread. If only one person were detected as being infected and attending Camp, potentially everyone who attended Camp (whether camper or day attendee) may need to go into 2-week self-quarantine. This would then affect our office, ABC, schools and churches, most of which would have to close for that period while staff and attendees were in quarantine. We want to support the church and wider community at this time. By cancelling Camp we’d be pragmatic. But it also provides us with...

Only Takes One

With the communal showers, toilets, camping and living so closely it is too risky. Only takes one infected person and it would spread throughout the camp and then we would all return to our corner of the state and take it there. Hopefully you can find a way to broadcast to the churches or homes so we can still be blessed.

Camp for Under 70’s

70 is the magic number: Discourage people over 70 or with weak immunity from attending.  If after that we have 70% or more bookings compared to last year, then let's go ahead.

Protective Measures Locally Too

We feel that it is probably best to skip Camp this year and put some protective measures in place in our local churches to protect those of our members who choose to keep coming, which our church is doing.

Listen to those with experience

I think this one is clear cut for you. Better brains than mine and more  experienced ones are advising risk minimisation should occur until this thing runs its course. If you go ahead and an outbreak occurs this will not read well for our denomination in the nations press. Interesting one tho, when you consider that the common flu kills thousands in our country every year and we take it for granted that this will happen and little is mentioned of it. In The States the figure is about 70000 I read. Of course the people in the know,...

Heed the Warnings

Answer from me is NO, dont hold Big Camp. People like me who have a compromised immune system need to stay away from crowds. We have been given the warnings and as responsible citizens need to heed them.


The 'safe' action is NO.   Too many unknowns.  

Should we Run Big Camp in 2020?

It is a big YES from all of us.


I really hope big camp proceeds

Support the Decision

Personally i do not think Camp should take place this year.  But i wish it didnt need to be cancelled.  I will support the decision which ever way it is made.

The Risks are too Great

We have been asked week by week to pray about Big Camp and all that it entails. I believe that God is now impressing us, after reading the material presented to us from the Conference and our Community Health Officers. We believe the wise decision would be to cancel Big Camp 2020 as the risks are too great to our Members, Visitors and to our Church in the present climate.

More Consequences

I have serious misgivings about holding camp given the close proximity of people going to meetings, living and eating together.  If Covid-19 is detected in any of the camp population soon after the camp, it has the potential (because of the close association) to shut all of our schools which would be disastrous both for our kids and as a PR exercise in our various communities.

Limit International Travel

I feel it is best to cancel the plans for big camp. Reasons are concern for well being of attendees and speakers, doesn't seem wise for any overseas speakers to travel to Australia and reputational damage in case someone is diagnosed with the virus. How about an online streaming version of big camp?


The general feeling in our family is that Big Camp should probably not go ahead. Our decision is based on the fact that WHO has just declared COVID-19 a pandemic and here in Australia we are only just in the early stages of the development of the disease in the community. This would suggest that by the dates suggested for Camp, the situation could be considerably more advanced. So from our family the response would be No. God bless as you guide our leaders in this challenging situation.

Sad but Sensible

Sad but we must be sensible and do the right and safe thing and cancel

Be Sensible About It

NO, we should not cancel.  If we do, then we might as well cancel ALL Sabbath services at every single church in Victoria. We should practice safe, hygienic principals, lots of places to wash hands or  hand sanitizers.  Use paper tissues for coughing & sneezing into with adequate places to dispose of.   Frequently reminded to wash/sanitizer hands.  If you feel ill then inform camp leaders immediately and refrain from being in close contact with others. Tell everyone to bring a supply of hand sanitizer and wipes. It’s not about...

Of Two Minds

With Insurance Companies warning it would seem appropriate to cancel the Camp 2020. We don’t wish to offend people and it does not transgress God’s law! Having said that the car race is still going ahead even with three staff people testing positive. It would be interesting if it will go ahead?? Katy Perry Concert went ahead this evening in Bright with 6,000 people attending, including many children, we only have a bit over 3,000 but for a longer time!!! As you can see I am of two minds but reluctantly have to say NO to Camp...

Avoid Large Groups

I personally think given the circumstances of this years cornavirus people are avoiding large groups as some don’t know they have the virus and they are contagious or they just have a cold and a sniffle or sneeze will scare people around them. I’m avoiding big groups and I will not be attending this year and that’s why


My husband and I were thinking to cancel our booking to big camp in the light of the Corona Virus outbreak. My concern is for the health of our children and elderly parents should they contract the virus. So in response to your question, we believe that the event warrants a Yes, that we should cancel.

May God Guide

I know it’s short notice to cancel Big Camp but in view of the possible risks and the fact that other conferences have cancelled their camps I think it would be sensible to cancel the Victorian Big Camp for this year. I wasn’t planning to go and  wouldn’t consider going in view of the risks involved. May God guide in the decision,

NO for Camp

I hadn’t planned on attending Big Camp, but do feel under present circumstances perhaps  ‘NO” would be advisable.  

Should we Cancel?

Yes, tell me Yes

Cancel BC2020

Recently noted that though Doug Bachelor's presentation was fully prebooked overall attendance was poor with many citing risk of Corona virus which makes me wonder about the attendance for Big camp.

Do What we Can

Just adding my 2 cents worth.  I agree totally with the information provided and that forwarded to us from our local pastor. Big camp is a great time to get together with friends and family and grow closer to God and is looked forward to by many I am sure.  However the “risk” of such a large group gathering together and the potential of a virus spreading amongst others if someone where to have it, the implications could be quite large scale. While we in Australia are somewhat removed from the higher exposure areas we still have got...

Continue with Camp

Yes l think it should go ahead unless school and work places are shut down we should processed. The devil is trying to stop us from gathering  for this event.

God is Greater

Big Camp at Easter should go ahead this year.   God is greater.  People who have health concerns can choose not to go.  People who’ve been overseas should be encouraged not to come.  Blessings and prayers over your decision.  Will support whatever is best.

At Risk

We will not be attending Big Camp, as we wish to err on the side of caution. Plus, while we do keep fairly good health, we are now senior people, & hence could be at greater risk.

Professional Opinion

My professional background is as a doctor, and specifically an infectious diseases registrar, I thought I'd email you about the issue. Whilst I may be wrong, unfortunately I think the COVID-19 situation is going to escalate over the next few weeks, and that this is a very sensible question to be asking. There is a bit of data coming out suggesting that it's possible to have a positive result and to have the potential to transmit in the setting of minimal symptoms, or prior to symptom onset. This means being sick is not enough of an...

A Tough Call

This is a tough situation…given the fact NNSW and WA have cancelled their camps, it kind of ‘paints us into a corner’ when it comes to Victorian Big Camp. Can we, in good conscience go ahead? What questions may be asked as to why we go ahead, and others don’t? My vote in this situation would be NO – largely because the risks are so high, especially for vulnerable and immuno-compromised individuals when it comes to the hygiene questions, specifically in relation to our bathrooms. Additionally, with the issues of shortages of toilet...

Church Board Agrees, Cancel

We considered the information we had last night at our C.M.C  [ Board ] meeting held last night, and the consensus of opinion  and vote was that we say no to camp going ahead. This is disappointing to many of us, but we see it as responsible considering the number of people assembled together esp on Sabbath.  We are upholding you and the committee in prayer.

Not Wise to Continue

Based on the responses we are getting from other institutions and work, I don’t think it would be wise to continue as it only takes one case and it would be shut at any rate.

Livestream Something?

The wise thing is to cancel Camp but still have a limited livestreamed program and promote it online.  May even reach a larger audience.

Dont Give in to Fear

My answer is YES we should still run big camp this year. As a nurse who is on the front lines to this latest scare tactic; I am well aware of the risks. However it is no higher risk than a flu or gastro outbreak at camp. They are just not as highly publicized. There is currently no cure for the flu or gastro yet we don't cancel events due to the risk of these viruses spreading. They can have more serious consequences at times than this new virus. I believe that as Christians we should not be giving into fear. That is exactly what we...

A Real Risk

At a time when the press and other members of the  community are eagre to criticize any  religious organisation, the answer is NO. PLUS there is a real risk that just one person at Big Camp could put the whole attendance in health  jeopardy.  For these reasons, I don’t believe we should proceed with a 2020 Big Camp. It simply wouldn’t seem prudent, especially if we were now looking BACK on some health disaster that would surely make for negative  press.

Be United

I believe the church should be consistent throughout the various conferences and cancel camp.  Would seem silly for Vic to go ahead when others arent.

The Lord is my Refuge

I will say Yes to big camp proceeding and ask our church, God’s chosen people to trust in God and claim the promise from the whole of Psalm 91. the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. Psa 91 It is such a time as this that we can claim the promises of God and cover ourselves in the blood of Jesus, in faith we go and God will take care of the rest.

Reasons We Don’t Think Camp This Year is Advisable

Duty of care potential litigation cases. Now that people are aware of this discussion it is the duty of care for the conference to take the best action in the interest of peoples' safety. Should someone get sick the costs will be enormous. Potential quarantine. Are the campers prepared to be quarantined for 14 days should someone get sick? This whole thing could paralyze the work of many and have a profound social impact. Medical. Unlike Europe where they hope summer will reduce the spread of the COVID 19, we are facing winter. The...

Not a Question of Faith

I think the answer is clear - the precedent has been set in NSW and WA. We all love big camp and the fellowship it brings. But that doesn’t matter any more unfortunately. The stakes are too high, especially for those who are high risk in our community. This is not a question of faith. God equipped us with the ability to reason, to exercise judicious decision-making, and to look out for those most vulnerable in our community. Sadly no to big camp.


I too love Big Camp however recognise the ramifications should the Corona Virus be detected and especially if it is fatal.  My response is No.  Could we however tap into digital world with some powerful videos for church families to watch online?

Significant Fallout

I was so looking forward to Big Camp as I am truly blessed by the messages and fellowship of my brothers and sisters in Christ.  But working in the public health system, I feel we should postpone the camp this year and possibly consider a livestream option.  We could have significant fallout if we do go ahead which could impact our ability to share the truth with our community. Blessings on your ministry and decision on whether to go ahead with Big Camp.

With Regret, Cancel Camp

After reading all the mails I got in connection with the Big Camp event and considering all the risks, I am suggesting to cancel this year camp due to many arguments found in the letters. All the arguments are very serious and I believe that any problem that could appear may be a real not only to health of many participants but also risk of repetitional damage to the church. This is — even with great sorrow, for we’ll miss such a great spiritual experience this year, especially as last year we did not have Big Camp — I answer your...

Please Dont Cancel

As a family of three going along with some other friends from church we would like to say yes, please keep Big Camp on. Let us keep in prayer and trust in our wonderful God and have some faith in these last days. We will be harassed by the devil non-stop but should we not continue to meet? We need the fellowship and strength of our faith in these times.

Numbers Could be Down

I have heard discussions of members who have planned to attend big camp considering not going due to the virus. I believe if costs can be saved, do so. The likely poor turnout will be a shame and I believe the funds could be saved and better spent for a future event.

Cancelling – a decision that may have been forced on us anyway…

We look forward to camp & really missed it last year, but it cannot be guaranteed that everyone who will come onto the grounds will be free of the virus, so it should be cancelled. It may be that by Easter the government might have put in place restrictions that would mean camp would have to be cancelled anyway, and it would be at great financial loss by then.  It would be great if it could be scheduled for later in the year.

Sensible to Cancel

I love big camp as well and was really looking forward to my first camp in Victoria but it makes sense to cancel it this year because of potential incidents and potential media exposure. Better to be safe than sorry in my opinion.

In Our Prayers

Your are all in our prayers for the Meeting, if your should go ahead with the  Big Camp, let us faithfully remember the three in the fiery furnace  and Daniel in the lions den that God’s protection will protect us. If Camp should be closed does this mean our churches will be closed until further notice. A heavy decision and responsibility to know what is best and I  know the our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ is guiding this decision. I feel caution is needed it is a bad situation world wide,  You are all in my...

Should BC2020 Proceed?

Definitely NO

Safety First

Although I would love for the Big Camp to go ahead, I believe safety of our brothers and sisters comes first. As we always have large number of elderly people attending, this could put them as well as the Conference under unnecessary pressure, therefore in line with NNSW and WA I believe our Camp should also be cancelled.

Risks Too High

Sadly we feel the risks may be too high and it would be sensible not to run Big Camp this year. Even if it goes ahead many may feel it too risky to attend

Uncertainty of the Situation

For me it’s a challenging situation due to the great uncertainty of everything. If we could be sure that if it didn’t progress much further then I would say Yes!, lets run Big Camp but because of how rapidly things are moving (we know the final movements will be rapid ) then in 4 weeks- time the situation could be quite serious and it would be unwise to run big camp. With all the planning that has to be put in place I agree that it is unfortunate but a decision needs to be made pretty quickly. Even if things die down (which I think...

Show Good Judgement

We should not run big camp given what we know and expect. This is not a question of faith but good judgement.

Dont Cave to Fear

I would definitely go ahead with Big Camp as it is setting an example of not reacting to the fear propaganda that the media wants to put on all of us. People die of the flu and no one talks about it. We should be standing out especially at this time of time and show the world that we won't bow to every wave they throw at us. We will pray that God will give you wisdom and the right decision . Big Camp is such a blessing for everyone.

A Tough Call

It's a tough decision as there was no camp last year, but the best decision would be not to hold big camp this year due to the Corona virus situation. So many people congregating in the one location with camping hygiene would be a concern.

Prevention – Wisest Option

Prevention is always much better than cure.  We wish to advise that even though it is very disappointing to have to go down this track we believe that the wisest and safest option is to cancel Big Camp for this year.


Having read the material provided I would have to say NO to Big Camp for 2020. Some very serious concerns about facilities and the large number of people attending have been identified, and even though the risk may be small, the consequences for individuals and the church in general could potentially be quite damaging.

Proceed with Caution

We should still hold Big Camp this Easter, but run it with information and precautions in place.

The Appropriate Choice

Sadly, I think it would be appropriate to cancel Big Camp at this critical time. The healthcare logistics and bad press associated with the slightest chance of coronavirus breaking out would leave more damage than good.  God bless in making this difficult decision.

Undesirable Complications

I work in the Public Health sector & I can see more complications arising continuing to have the camp especially with the contingency plans within the Health Service. The Govt may well enforce cancellations for this camp anyway especially if schools have to close too. I would say NO to camp as the virus will not go away soon & it’s high risk especially if elderly people are to catch it at a church event & die as a result. I was booked to go to camp, but many won’t turn up anyway if the crisis deteriorates. Happy to pray...

Less than Responsible

We might be seen to be less than responsible if we proceeded with large gatherings. I note today that even New York city has declared 2 weeks of quarantine in a county north of NY city, to be implemented from the 12th of March for 2 weeks. This will include the closing of schools, religious centres and other large gathering places. I would think that on the balance of probability, and to mitigate the risk of potentially very negative reputational damage, it may be wise to either defer to cancel this year’s Camp Meeting. Note that I...

Big Camp at Elmore

We love Big Camp! 

It is a time of renewing our relationship with God and with others of similar faith.  Families from across Victoria come together over the Easter weekend for this yearly event and so we cater for all ages.  There are exciting programs for the children and younger people.  We bring in guest speakers from around the world and even locally, who present timely spiritual messages.  Each of the three adult venues, (Youth18+, Mosaic and Encounter) offer different worship styles.

So if you have never attended, why not come along, find the worship place that suits you and join in the prayer, praise and celebration as we worship our great God together.

And whether you do come or not, we ask you to pray for Big Camp.  It is an important event on our Conference-wide calendar and needs God’s presence or its spiritual success will be severely hampered. 

Please pray for His presence during camp setup; that He will be with and guide the presenters and organisers; that doors will be opened so that everyone who needs this spiritual time will be able to attend; and that God’s Spirit will rest on every person there. 

Camp Registration

Registrations are now open.  Please be sure to register even if just attending for the day.

Day Registration will remain open up to the event for your convenience however for camping, registration will close at close of business on March 23, 2020. 

The map indicates the site numbers for your convenience. You can include this number in your on-line registration however it is not guaranteed.

And just a reminder that as of 2019, Conference tents are no longer available for camping.


More details on the registration page, click here for more information.

Item Price
Tent Site $240
Caravan Site $260
Lunch (per meal) $15 ($10 kids)
Activities for the duration of the camp
High Schoolers $25 (onsite activities) $40 optional activities
Juniors $15 (onsite activities)
Day Registration $10

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