Why is Branding important?

Consistent branding improves our visibility.  Good professional-looking branding and signage gives credibility and engenders trust.  If people have an experience with an entity resulting in some level of trust developing, that trust will be transferred to other related entities… if they can be identified.

Good entity branding also does something positive for the culture of those within the entity.

Branding and Church Mission

The mission of our church is to share Christ and the hope He brings with the world.  On the surface, this whole branding process seems to be just about who we are, and not about drawing people into a meaningful relationship with Christ.  But expand your view to the bigger picture…  Consistent corporate branding actually enables all church entities to work together for the good of church mission.  It enables greater buy in to the things we do as an organisation and IS missional focused as we build trust and people identify our many fields of service.

When James Standish was researching branding several years ago, it became obvious to him that our church here in AU was incognito – even the colours of the branding were camouflage colours, blending in rather than standing out.  He also found that KFC had fewer locations in AU than we did as a Church… but who doesn’t recognise the KFC logo?  Furthermore, perhaps, as a Church, the majority of people in AU do not trust us.  The only way we can improve trust, suggests Steve Currow, Communications Director SPD, is by providing positive experiences and using a consistent brand.

With corporate branding never high on the Church agenda in the past, we have become a Church of Brands.  But now, from the General Conference down, we are working toward becoming a Branded Church.  One known for putting Jesus first, for being a relational community with a message of holistic hope based on Biblical truth.

The Future

We have a vision  of a global, easily recognisable identity that clearly says Seventh-day Adventist, wherever you go.  Starting from the top down.  Bringing us all together as one people serving God through our Church, and increasing trust within our communities as they associate with us and recognise us, regardless of what ‘hat’ we are wearing, opening doors of communication and service, so Christ can reach out to them, through us.


For more information, downloadable logos etc, go to the South Pacific Division’s Identity webpage

If you are choosing to use MetroSigns (www.metrosigns.com.au/, e: office@metrosigns.com.au), they have the necessary artwork and fonts. If you are using another signmaker we can help you with the artwork.  Email SherrieCourtney@adventist.org.au for assistance.

Local Church Letterhead and Business Cards
Local Church Stationary and Business Card templates for Word are available HERE please note the Victorian Conference has adopted the orange square icon in the top right corner version.  Please contact SherrieCourtney@adventist.org.au if you are in need of any further assistance.

Colour Usage

We use colour to make a distinctive, positive impression in a crowed world. The South Pacific Division has chosen to use Adventist Fire and Charcoal as the primary colours to be used for general Seventh-day Adventist materials in this division.  It is essential that the use of colour be consistent across all applications. By referring to these guidelines, we will achieve the desired results. For best results it is recommended to use pantone (PMS) for printing, where possible.

Use Adventist Fire with discernment. Try to break up with solid colours or imagery featuring cool aquas, healthy greens, soft whites or rich blues. The complementary colours will enhance each other for a richer, more vibrant appeal.
White softens the intense orange and black, and adds a sense of optimism.
The Seventh-day Adventist Church full colour palette is available to help identify different branches of the church, based on roles.
Onyx is used in place of charcoal when the logo appears on the vertical pylon and horizontal wall plaque. Charcoal is used for all printed mediums.


Adventist Fire:       PMS: 151C;  CMYK: 0, 60, 100, 0;  RGB: 255, 130, 0;  HEX: #FF8200
Charcoal:      PMS: Black 7C;   CMYK: 10, 10, 7, 85;   RGB: 61, 57, 53;   HEX: #3D393
White:    CMYK: 0, 0, 0 , 0;   RGB: 255, 255, 255; HEX: #FFFFFF