The Digital Discipleship team has put together a resource that may be useful for local churches who are working to improve their online presence and use their social media and website as an outreach tool.  It’s called the Most Actionable Plan on How to Improve Your Church’s Social Media Presence  If youare interested in this resource, you may also appreciate an element of this year’s Digital Discipleship Conference called the Digital Church Check-up.

The Digital Church Check-up encourages churches to send a team to the Digital Discipleship Conference who would benefit from learning specific information on how to be strategic in developing their church’s online presence to:

  • promote community outreach and engagement,
  • involve local members in personal ministry,
  • promote a strategic partnership between media ministries and the other ministries in the church
  • create online engagement that can provide meaningful spiritual connections with the community
  • improve a church’s online presence

The Digital Discipleship team wants to help 20 churches throughout Australia improve their church’s digital presence and will use some of the principles in the article linked to above.

Would your church benefit from participating in the Digital Church Check-up?  Discuss it with your social media team and apply to be a part of the process by signing up here: Digital Church Check-up Sign-up Form.  If you have any questions, contact the Communications Coordinator at the AUC