You’ve probably heard the story about the big rocks – but just in case, let me tell you the brief version. A teacher placed an extremely large jar on the table, placed a dozen large rocks into it – until no more could fit. He asked, “Is it full?” Everyone agreed it was. “Really?” he asked. Then he poured in some pebbles and asked if it was full. The class was more cautious this time. “Probably not,” came the answer. He could see they were getting the point – and he poured in sand and shook it all down.
Now, if he’d put the sand in first, then the pebbles, he couldn’t have fitted in the big rocks.
The point is obvious – we’ve got to address the big things first – which leads me to the obvious question.
What BIG THINGS are we to be focused on – as a church in Victoria?
We’re told the population of Melbourne is growing by 2800 per week. Do they know Jesus is coming soon? How will we ever reach them? And the people of our country areas? Now they’re just as important!
In this Intravic, read about Harvest Victoria – an initiative to join Christ in the harvest, and as you do, let me invite you to pray that God will lead us to effectively reach Victoria for Christ! How will you be involved?
What BIG THINGS should be the focus of the church in Victoria?
I’m interested in your answer – simply email me at
Let’s focus on what really matters most.

Graeme Christian