The 2019 GROW Conference for Elders and Church Leaders featured Jerry and Janet Page and made the experience of prayer the focus. The prayer summit occurred over the long weekend in March to help spiritually prepare for the ‘Revelation Today’ meetings in May. Jerry is the Ministerial Association Secretary for the General Conference while his wife Janet oversee Partners in Ministry and Prayer Ministry for the General Conference. They both shared amazing stories of God’s working through prayer. Their humble, Christ centred approach was a great blessing to all who attended, reminding everyone of the critical importance of remaining connected to God through prayer. The preaching and experience of prayer helped spiritually encourage and refresh the participants.

Usually the GROW Conference is held in the middle of the year. This year in order to fit into the busy schedule of Harvest Victoria events and as part of the preparation for the ‘Revelation Today’ meetings, was held in March at Nunawading Christian College to allow easier access for those in Melbourne. It is anticipated that the GROW Conference will return to its usual June/July time slot and be held at Camp Howqua again in 2020.