First Aired Saturday June 27,2020

This week, join us as we continue exploring what it means to be a Christian in the digital age, as we hear from Lani Edwards who will share why your story matters, in the light of the Biblical story of Hosea.


Tell a story about someone (or maybe a pet!) who you love. Why do you love them? Would you do anything for them? Is your love unconditional?


Digging Deeper

Reflect on the sermon today – did any ideas strike you that you’d like to comment on?

What were you challenged by in today’s message?

How did you feel about the story of Josh? Could you forgive in that situation?

What do you think about the idea that story is more important than data?  Why does “just knowing the facts” not change your behavior?

Re-read the passage that talks about God’s love in Hosea 2: 14-23 and then again in Hosea 11:8 and comment on any verses that speak to you specifically.  

Discuss the idea that some people doubt the fact that God loves them, in the light of Hosea and Gomer’s story.

Some people think the God of the Old Testament is harsh and unloving, so they rule out the Old Testament because they say they prefer Jesus and His love.

Discuss how you would respond to them in the light of these passages?

Discuss the idea that God would rather DIE than spend eternity without you. What kind of love is this!


Listen to the song “Song of Gomer” by Michael Card, and reflect on how Gomer’s life was changed by Hosea’s love.

Reflect on how your life is changed by God’s love