Sabbath afternoon late in March music drew members of Bairnsdale Church together in worship, evangelism and enjoyment.
The morning service was taken by Pastor Andrew Wilson, and a delicious lunch that was appreciated by members and visitors followed.
Afterwards, what we hope will become a regular event each year, the Bairnsdale Church Concert, began.
Fifteen people aged from five years upwards sang and enthusiastically played worship and classical music on a variety of instruments. In the group was a gentleman with a magnificent opera-trained voice who first connected with us when he and his wife began attending our Monday ADRA Drop-in Food and Friendship centre.
The children and young people who performed were also a highlight; a couple even helped conduct alongside the leader, Dr. Antoinette Mowbray. Antoinette is a gifted musician, a church member and local GP.
The concert drew to a close when the audience joined in with the singing of the hymn “How Great Thou Art.”

Judy Walker