1. Duty of care potential litigation cases. Now that people are aware of this discussion it is the duty of care for the conference to take the best action in the interest of peoples’ safety. Should someone get sick the costs will be enormous.
  2. Potential quarantine. Are the campers prepared to be quarantined for 14 days should someone get sick? This whole thing could paralyze the work of many and have a profound social impact.
  3. Medical. Unlike Europe where they hope summer will reduce the spread of the COVID 19, we are facing winter. The cool conditions at night will increase the risk of colds. Can you imagine the panicking saints if someone coughs or sneezes at them?
  4. Examples from other big events. JohnCarter postponed his mega campaign in the Philippines for at least 6 months. The Willow Creek camp in Germany (thousands of participants) was stopped by the German government on the second day. There are many more cases of cancellations. I suggest that we run a weekend of prayer in our local churches and unite in prayer for Victoria over Easter.
  5. Financial losses. can you imagine if we start and have to cease on the second day? Why don’t we save and use it all next year?