For the past few months, Juniors and Teens have been enjoying a variety of speakers through ‘Reset’.  It has been amazing to see how many people from all around Australia are watching and engaging with the program, and participating in the ‘Minute to Win it’ challenges (even those that weren’t posted!).

Our first series was on faith, the second on mission and we are now about to start our third series  on how to live like Jesus, called ‘Like Jesus’.  It will be a five part series with incredible speakers to take us on the journey.  We are changing it up a bit this time, with a challenge each week related to the talk.

A big shout out to Simo Hutton (Nunawading Chaplain) who has been hosting the series and Kaelan Woodward who has been faithfully editing each week.  Without these two amazing people, ‘Reset’ would not be possible!

I’ve loved watching this series grow from an idea, to a reality, to a blessing!  I’m excited to see where God will lead it next!!

If you know of a Junior or Teen who would be interested, please direct them to this YouTube channel.

Julie Catton, Children’s Ministries Director