There is an option to have everyone attending to sign a form stating that they have no symptoms – no fevers/runny nose/sore throat/difficulty breathing/cough.  If anyone has symptoms they cannot attend.  And getting attendees to sign a form saying they have followed DHS recommendations for self-isolation following return from the ….(the big list of countries). (This is what we are doing at work – at a Melbourne Metro Hospital)

Obviously, this would not fully prevent the virus, but unless the whole country is in lock-down and everyone is house bound, then there will always be a possibility of the virus spreading. But it would go a long way to preventing foreseeable transmission.

I don’t believe being at camp would put anyone at more of a risk of getting the virus than if they continued doing things as usual at home.  We will all continue to come into contact with others, whether we are at home for the weekend or at Big Camp.

Blessings as you pray through this decision.