This month I’ve been reminded why I’m so glad to belong to the family of God.

The big event this month is Revelation Today which is now underway in four locations across the city of Melbourne and in many country areas in Victoria and other states as well.
So many are responded to the advertising – with 1,800 attending the opening session in person and many more watching on line. I’m so glad to belong to a family that cares about sharing the message of Jesus love and soon return.
The presentations are excellent! It Is Written speakers John Bradshaw and Eric Flickinger both speak with such power, conviction and personal appeal. The Biblical message of Jesus is second to none – I’m sure you’d agree.
I’m so glad to belong to a family that cares for children and caters to their needs – and that’s what’s happened at the Revelation Today meetings. The volunteers are presenting the same topics for kids as those being shared by John and Eric to those who are a bit older and I think that’s just great!
A series like Revelation Today doesn’t just happen. I’m so glad to belong to a praying family – so many of our church family have been praying that God will open the way for this series and we have no doubt that we’ve seen God at work. Prayers are being answered in so many ways. To have such a positive team of pastors and volunteers who’ve worked so faithfully and cooperatively over a period, giving willingly of their time, talent and expertise to ensure the details fall into place and people are cared for so well – that can’t happen without the Spirit of God working in the hearts and minds of each one.

Pr Graeme Christian