Once more the Bairnsdale SDA Church enjoyed the music of a talented performer when Gavin Chatalier was with us on Sabbath 24th February. He took a musically based service in the morning, followed by more music after one of our famous shared lunches (come and visit any Sabbath and you’ll understand that comment).


For this visit Gavin was wearing two “hats”. As well enjoying the talent God has gifted him with, we heard about Gavin’s role as a Faith FM radio promoter – a roving ambassador. He shared how this position was an answer the prayer “What more than my music can I do for You?”
Faith FM radio began in Victoria in 2008 and has now spread to every state in Australia. It reaches 5 million Australians in a non-threatening, behind-closed-doors

and private way that is unique and effective.
In our own Bairnsdale church a few weeks ago we welcomed Paul Breheny into our fellowship. Paul first heard about the Sabbath on the local Faith FM radio, studied the subject, then walked into our Gems ’n Jams Op Shop saying he wanted to come to our church.
We want more like Paul to come, so we are right behind Faith FM both prayerfully and in monetary ways. The stations require that strong commitment in order to continue.
Gavin showed us how, on our smart phones, we can be involved in reading and recording a Faith FM prayer for the day that would eventually be aired on the radio. That afternoon there were as many non-Adventists participating in making these recordings as our own members, and it was a wonderful blessing for us all.
What a God-sent combination. If any other churches decide to invite Gavin to visit, to share his music and the promotion of the great mission outreach of Faith FM, I know you will be blessed.

Judy Walker