Presentation Series

How can the know… if nobody tells them? 

Romans 10:14

10+ Jesus Talks

We asked our ministers to share Jesus with us for ten minutes. Few could do it – after all how can you stop at just ten minutes when talking about He who is called the Word, who spoke and the world began, who has been and will be forever? And who loves us so much, He sacrificed all for us…
We hope you enjoy these presentations and please come back – we will continue to add content to help bring you into a closer relationship with the Jesus of the Bible.
Mitchell Courtney - Almost
Anthony Wagener-Smith - Are you a Two-Eagle Disciple?
Craig Gillis - The meaning of life
Tony Knight - Living the AUTHENTIC life
Tony Knight - The One who Counts... Sees
George Latchman - Jesus in the Book of Esther



God at work in my life

A collection of stories of how God works in the lives of His followers, including a series of Amazing Stories of Amazing Grace, prepared by the Australian Union Conference”
Ken Vogel - My Story His Story Ep1
David Caukill - Amazing Stories of Amazing Grace 1 - Episode 1
Frank Williams - Amazing Stories of Amazing Grace 2 Episode 2


Leadership training

Each year various ministries run training events and while these programs are targeting a specific purpose, the presentations are often suitable for many viewers, with valuable information and insights.
We hope you enjoy there presentations…

Youth Leadership

Neil Thompson - History Maker




Ministerial Leadership

Timothy Standish - Intelligent Design and the Thinking Christian




Leadership in Education

Liz Little - Time for Change




Local Church Leadership

Gerson Santos - Jesus as Ultimate Example of Leadership




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