How can the know… if nobody tells them? 

Romans 10:14

Adam Tonkin

Adam is the youth pastor in Griffith Church, NSW.  He also ministers in three other churches and has a passion to show people of all ages just how amazing God is.  He likes to do this through the Bible teachings surrounding the Sanctuary and how God longs to dwell with us.  Adam believes Jesus is coming soon and that we have a wonderful message of love and reconciliation to give to the whole world.

Bryan Gallant

Bryan is an Adventist missionary with an amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness.  The Gallant Family’s unique and moving story is one of God’s unchanging love.  Bryan says “Whether it is after the tragic loss of our children in 1994 or being fully immersed in Cambodia and later surrounded by 8000 Muslims in a post-911 world… or making the agonising decision to return to the US for for family reasons or accepting God’s invitation to another walk of faith in building bridges between Christians and Muslims… Regardless of the time, God has been and is FAITHFUL.”


Billy Otto

Billy Otto is a chaplain and teacher at Kempsey on the NNSW Coast.   He loves to sing, surf and share his testimony with young people around Australia.



Bob Possingham

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Pathfinders in Victoria, Pr Robert Possingham was invited to return to Melbourne for the Pathfinder Rally day in 2013, where he presented during the High Scool Rally in the morning. Bob is well known and loved by many generations of Pathfinders




Brendan Pratt

Brendan currently serves as the Ministerial Secretary for the Australian Union. Prior to this role he spend 8 years as the Discipleship Coordinator in the Greater Sydney Conference following 10 years as Pastor of the Papatoetoe church in Auckland. He is currently working on PhD research exploring how Consumer Culture impacts Faith Development. He is married to Amanda Bews, an author and is dad to Brad, Ben and James. He also has a bunch of pet reptiles in his garage.



David Riley




Dejan Stojkovic

Guest speaker, Dejan, was born in Serbia and finished his schoolng in post communist Serbia before traveling to England to study Theology at Newbold College. Dejan has served as a youth pastor at Stanborough Park Adventist Church where he established the ‘Parallel Service’, a church programme that runs alongside the main worship service, as an outreach and reclamation ministry for youth and young adults. Dejan’s mission in life is very simple and that is preparing young people for the second coming of Jesus.



Delroy Brooks



Dilys Brooks

Dilys is Associate Chaplain at Loma Linda University.  She attended our Camp Meeting at Elmore in 2016 where she presented a 6 part series and in 2015 was in Melbourne as part of the One Project.  She is passionate and enthusiastic about sharing the Gospel and is happiest when she is preaching, teaching or singing about Jesus.  She absolutely enjoys spending time talking with and praying for others, rejoicing with them for how God gives strength to endure and overcome the challenges they face.  The inspriational source for her journey has been ‘seek first God’ from Matthew 6:33.



Dwain Esmond




Eddie Hypolite

Eddie Hypolite came to Victoria a few years ago, as a guest presenter at our annual convention. He now lives in Australia, and presented a relevant message to the teachers at ASVAC




Glenn Townend

Gary Kent




Herb Larsen

Ian Sweeney

Jeff Parker

Jose St Phard

Ken Vogel

Lael Caesar

Lowell Cooper

Lynelle Lamountain

Matthew Gamble

Moe Stiles

Moe has touched the lives of many Victorians, whether it be through her music ministry, her chaplaincy work or her work as a pastor and until recently, the director for VicYouth.  She is currently pastoring at Burwood Adventist Community Church and working with university students.



Rene Drumm




Sam Leonor

Sharon Witt

Sharon is an author, educator,and speaker who has worked with thousands of young people across Australia.




Sibilla Johnson

Sibilla Johnson has worked in various fields, all centred on promoting a balanced lifestyle to both church members and the wider community. She has developed accredited training programs and conducted health education and nutrition programs throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands. Currently the director for Adventist Health Ministries in Victoria and national trainer for the Community Health Education Course, Sibilla is inspired to bring to the community awareness of healthy living and vegetarian food.




Tom Shepherd




Tony Knight


Troy Fitzgerald




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