Victorian Adventist Adult Singles holds monthly events and members are keen to add to their numbers in this unique ministry, as they support and empower each other to serve the Lord

All individuals are created equal in God’s sight and our individuality is precious. Often it is on single people that many of the great enterprises are built. Singleness is not a problem to God. There is nothing in scripture that says being unmarried is wrong or sinful. In fact there are examples, both from scripture and secular history, showing the effectiveness and power of the single life.

Community is essential for those who are single as well as those who are married; in community we live connected, fruitful and supported lives. All of us are created to be independent and connected to one another and our search for wholeness is not necessarily fulfilled in another person. However we are healthier when we support and are supported by one another. God’s saving grace operates on a one-on-one basis and Jesus showed great respect for the one-person audience.

Although 44 percent of all adults are unmarried, most churches are focused on marriage and families, resulting in missed opportunities to reach out to and benefit from the abilities and resources singles have to offer.

At VAAS, we are passionate about fellowship and sharing with each other. We aim to provide a ministry of encouragement, support and nurture for single adults within the church. Our members have enjoyed a variety of monthly programs, visiting new places, seeing new things, meeting new people and participating in exciting weekends of fellowship. Such activities have included spiritual weekend retreats, snow days, Christmas dinner in July, relaxing at the Hot Springs, cruising on the Murray and countless enjoyable evenings at members houses sharing pizzas, haystacks and movies.

You too can be part of this exciting, vibrant and fun program. Come along to one of our monthly events and see for yourself how being single and over 35 is not as lonely as you think.
You are especially invited to join us at this year’s Annual Retreat in Marysville, with guest speakers Pr. Garth & Aleta Bainbridge.

Our members ages range from 35 to over 70’s and at VAAS, age is no barrier. Don’t be put off thinking that VAAS is a ‘match-making club’. Far from it. Many long-term friendships have been made across the generations.

For program details or to be on our mailing list please contact Judy on 0407 510 545 or email [email protected]

VAAS team