Do we have statements in writing from state or federal health departments regarding community events and mass gatherings, and their recommendations.

Has a risk assessment been undertaken – highlighting the risk and potential mitigation of the risk and if so that should be made available for the committee.  If it hasn’t been done I feel it should be before the committee meets.

Have considerations been given to implementing and addressing key prevention strategies, an emergency operations plan, and communication plans.

Has there been any discussions with local public health officials and with the Elmore district regarding the running of our event.

I feel that to make a blanket decision not to run camp without having gone through the due diligence in order to make an informed decision is actually going to do more harm (playing into the panic frenzy) than making the decision on an informed basis.

We should also be applying this sort of due diligence to other mass gatherings such as opening our local churches every Saturday for members and the community.

At this point I cannot say either yes or no to running camp – what I can say is more info is needed to make that informed decision.