It is our pleasure to introduce to our readers two new staff members to the Conference ministerial team.
Vadim Budov, who gave a presentation at the Constituency meeting in September, as well at recent regional meetings, comes to us from Avondale. His role will involve pastoring and conference evangelism.
“I thank God and the leadership of the Victorian Conference,” he says, “for the honour to work as Evangelist in one of the most challenging mission fields in Australia. During the past twenty-four years I have had the privilege of running numerous evangelistic campaigns in 13 countries. Outreach programs were developed that would address different audiences: Secular, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Pagan and of various Christian denominations.
My family and I are moving to Melbourne from Avondale with an open mind. We want to study and understand the local culture, the needs of the community and develop programs which would be successful in the local Victorian context.”
Here is Vadim’s vision for the next four years:
• To participate in lay training seminars leading towards the big 2019 Melbourne outreach
• Run sixteen 2-3 week evangelistic series in Melbourne and major cities in Victoria
• Train pastors and church members who would be willing to master the skills of public evangelism.

Elena Butova is also joining our pastoral team.
“I am thrilled,” says Elena, “about the possibility of working with the members of the Victorian Adventist church family in discipleship and leadership development.
I was first trained as a medical doctor but later in life had a calling from God to the Gospel ministry.
In the last fourteen years, while I was running evangelistic programs, pastoring churches and teaching theology in a number of our colleges and universities, I have come to realise there is a great need to train and equip our church members in making friends for Jesus.
I would like to thank the Victorian Conference for this wonderful opportunity.”
Elena’s vision for the next four years is:
• To participate in lay training seminars leading towards the big 2019 Melbourne outreach
• Run evangelism training seminars for the church members in a small group setting in Melbourne and across the conference as required
• Provide personal and small group training for the church members, Bible workers and pastors who are just beginning their ministry in the following areas:
a. Biblical exegesis and its application to preaching
b. Biblical expository preaching
c. Evangelistic preaching and personal Bible studies.
Elena will also work with a local church, in addition to evangelistic training.
Elena and Vadim have two children, Paul and Alex, and the family look forward to being part of the Victorian Adventist Community .