South Pacific Division Comprehensive Health would like to support our members and community during this challenging time and will waive the cost for the following resources for the next 2 months (ending May 18, 2020).

  1. Live More Project (10 weeks): Aims to help people improve their emotional wellbeing from a whole-person approach. (Normally $75 per person)
  2. De-stress & Thrive (6 weeks)*: Exciting new resource  to help you develop emotional intelligence and resilience so you can buffer the stress of life. (Normally $25 per person)
  3. Forgive to Live (6 weeks): Aims to help people free themselves from past hurt and emotions and start living a new life. To order your free workbook complete this link ( and pay $15 for postage and handling. (Normally $50).
  4. Retirement Ready (6 weeks): Aims to help people to plan well for their retirement using a whole-of-life approach. To order your free book complete this link ( and pay $15 for postage and handling. (Normally $35)

For further information register your interest and indicate if you want to be a partner (host or participant at: