Sabbath School

Jesus invites us to learn of Him.

Sabbath School is a place to journey with Him and with one another.


Sabbath School gives a practical way to love others and God.  We do this through Bible study, fellowship, community service and global mission.


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A series of initiatives designed to bring newness of life back to your local church.

The one that pertains to Sabbath School is:

“Revitalise your Sabbath School”

Sabbath School

Sabbath School lets you experience the close bonds of Christian love from God and caring believers.  We encourage this by studying our Bible, genuinely connecting with one another, serving our communities and embracing our global mission.  Discover ways to encounter God’s life and the fruit of His Spirit in your time together.

Pr Andrew Jasper


Lucia Sugeng

Personal Assistant
E.G. White, Counsel on Sabbath School Workers, p. 162

“We need a life-giving power, a zealous enthusiasm, a true animation, that our schools may become filled with an atmosphere of true piety and purity…that the superintendent and leaders may… set every agency at work, that the school may become the noblest, most efficient school in the world. This should be the object and ambition of every worker in the school.”


We want to learn to love one another and God.  We do by focusing on 4 specific objectives:

  1. Bible Study
  2. Fellowship
  3. Helping Others
  4. Global Mission

Bible Study

The Seventh-day Adventist Church provides a Bible study guide that is used worldwide.  This study guide covers a sequence of different Bible topics.  As your class interactively works through these study guides in an engaging way, your understanding of the Bible will broaden and your relationship with Jesus will deepen and grow.  Dive on into the Bible with your class!

Helping Others

Nothing beats the feeling of doing community work together as a team.  The Sabbath School class provides a great opportunity to plan and undertake a project together.  Perhaps you know someone who needs their garden tidied up or a single mother who could use a break.  Think creatively, think community!


You can build great friendship with other Seventh-day Adventist Christians by regularly attending a Sabbath School class.  You can take the fellowship opportunities further, by organising Sabbath lunches or picnics together and even build relationships by fun social outings or camps.  You can even invite friends who don’t know Christ. Be innovative and see where the Holy Spirit takes your class!

Global Mission

There are many people around the world who have not heard about Jesus and His soon return and made a personal decision to follow Him.  Sabbath School has been committed to share the good news around the world and all of the offering collected at Sabbath School supports the global mission of the Adventist church.  Your Sabbath School class could also think of a particular mission project somewhere else in the world to either support financially or personally through mission trips.


A great website for resources is the Australian Union Conference’s discipleship page at   Discover valuable tips, training modules and inspiration.

Our Discipleship track is great way to learn how to progressively develop the hope of the gospel in your own life and let it overflow to others.

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