Conference Digital Calendar Installation

Conference Calendar

Follow directions to install on your device

Conference Digital Calendar

A Google Calendar has been created, through which we are able to share with you events to upcoming conference programs, resource links, advertising posters to download and location links. 

For people involved in their local church digital platforms and communications, the posters can be downloaded to use as needed.

And personally, this calendar can be incorporated into the calendar of your own device.  From there you can create your own notifications for events you are interested in or get travel directions on the day.  

Adding Calendar to your Device

Right click on iCal Link to copy the link needed for the instructions on the right.

The process may not be exactly the same as in the images, but essentially you are looking for an option to add a calendar in settings, and then an option to add a calendar from the internet.  The iCal link is the URL that you enter.  

Direct link to Online Calendar

If you would like to view the calendar in your browser, you can do so here.

Please Contact us if you have any issues.

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