The Family Ministries Director, Pr Graeme Christian, bought a group together some time ago, consisting of members of the youth, children’s, ADRA and ministerial teams, to discuss, research and explore ways of keeping our young people engaged in their churches. They came to a realisation that one of the vital ingredients was healthy Adventist families.

Sadly, it seems Christian homes are under attack as never before.

In response, the multi-departmental team has provided resources for our pastors and our local churches to help us be more effective in relational ministries. Each year a range of training programs and events have been provided, and many have made use of these opportunities.

Pastors were sponsored to attend the annual National Christian Family Conference run by the South Pacific Division, as well as receiving basic counselling skill training from Dr Trafford Fischer and Dr Bryan Craig. There have also been training and seminars in Marriage Enrichment, Grief Recovery, Depression and Anxiety recovery and parenting.

Also under the umbrella of Family Ministries, is the Victorian Adventist Adult Singles ministry. This is a largely self-led ministry in Victoria catering to a unique family unit with a unique opportunity to minister to their communities, offering an opportunity for friendship, fellowship and support. The ministry runs a variety of monthly programs in different locations around the state, as it serves our local churches.

There is much more that can be done in the arena of Family Ministries, as together conference and local churches work toward fostering healthy relationships and families. We look forward to seeing further progress as more people take up this banner and utilise the resources offered by the conference as they nurture and look out for the needs of others across all generations, building healthy, unique Adventist families.