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Intergenerational Discipleship

Pr Joe Azzopardi

Pastor Joe Azzopardi has a Bachelor of Education (Burman University), a MA in Youth and Young Adult Ministry (Andrews University), and a PhD specialising in Intergenerational Relationships, Discipleship & Wellbeing at Avondale University College in Australia. He has been a SDA pastor of elderly congregations and young adult congregations alike, has served as a school chaplain, and is currently an associate pastor of the Springwood SDA Church in Brisbane, Australia. In his teaching career, Pastor Joe has taught kindergarten through to Grade 12, and has lectured at the tertiary level. He is happily married and has three children.

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Screen Time & Kids

Dan Brunt & Julie Catton

In these modern times, screens have posed one of the most challenging dillemas for parents, and it can seem almost impossible to find the right balance. This presentation tries to find the right balance between screens becoming a postive tool for your child, whilst understanding the risks that come if not managed well.

Julie is a mother of three, and is the Children’s Ministries Leader for the Conference.

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Little Words Relationship Workshop

Tim & Camilla Christian

Tim and Camilla are Christian Relationship Coaches who run an online workshop for couples called “The Relationship Workshop” that teaches a practical, Biblically-based relationship philosophy.

They offer private relationship mentoring sessions for couples as well as speak publicly at your local church on relationships.

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