Children’s Ministry Leader

The focus of Children’s Ministries is to connect children to a life-long, loving relationship with Jesus and His Church through discipleship, worship, community, service, stewardship and outreach.

Children’s Ministry Leader


Kids in Worship

As an Adventist church, we are committed to loving our kids and helping them to have a meaningful experience at church. We want children to feel a part of the church family where they attend – so much so that it is here that they turn to, rather than a secular world that will not fulfil a God shaped need.

So how can we do this in a practical way? What does involving kids in worship actually look like?  

Many churches are great at featuring the children’s divisions on 13th Sabbath. They may sing a song or perform another item. This is great but it is just a start. Meaningful involvement is about understanding that children all have unique gifts and abilities and allowing them to use those to serve. It’s recognising that children are real people with real desires to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  

Imagine if you were asked to do something that was way out of your comfort zone? For me it would be singing – it’s not a pretty picture (or sound). And then you were told that this was the only way that you could serve at church. Would you do it? Would you stay? Or would you go elsewhere to find a place that understood you and your unique abilities.

It’s the same for kids. There are some kids who love to sing up the front. There are others who cringe at the thought and would prefer to be anywhere else. But these kids might be amazing at praying. They might be switched on when it comes to sound. They might like to be up the front or they might like to be in the background.

What’s amazing is going to a church where children are being mentored in areas that they aspire to be involved in. You can clearly see they belong. They feel part of a bigger picture. They are contributing in a meaningful way. But what if kids were only expected to be seen and not heard t church?. They could easily be thinking that church is not a place for them and they don’t belong there.. I wonder how long these kids are going to hang around?

So let’s look at some practical ways that kids can be involved.

  1. Include them in your worship committee. Kids have amazing, creative and new ideas. They may not always be possible to achieve, but they will feel heard by being part of a team that allows them to help direct the worship service.
  2. Have a scripture reading that allows all the church to be involved, including kids. Highlight a scripture reading in different colours, project it and nominate different groups to read different parts.
  3. Have kids say the prayer, or if they don’t feel comfortable to do this, write down a prayer for an adult to read.
  4. Have a noisy offering where kids collect and everyone puts coins into a tin (with pre warning to bring coins that day!)
  5. Have some creative kids draw artwork to be used as the cover of the bulletin.

Our children can be involved in church services just like adults are. It’s about encouraging them to find a place where they would like to serve, and then making it happen. I look forward to all Adventist churches here in Victoria being a place where our kids feel like they can make a meaningful contribution.  

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

Sermon notes for Kids

Sermon notes are a great way to help kids stay focused on the key points of the sermon and record what it means to them.

click here to download


Vacation Bible School / Kids Clubs

A Kids’ Club – Why? Why? Why?

• An outreach for children in the community
• It demonstrates to parents that the church values children
• Children can make friends with Christ-centred people
• Children can come to know Jesus
• The church family can enjoy serving God together as a team
• A beginning program which can link to follow-up children’s programs (not an isolated event)

Our Goals for a Kids’ Club

• Present Biblical message with gospel invitation
• Provide a safe, enjoyable program
• Give opportunity for children to decide for Jesus
• Revitalise children’s Sabbath School
• Provide opportunity for church kids to reach out to other kids
• Train youth in children’s ministry

Where Shall We Begin

1. Look at your community

• Are there children? Which ages will you cater for?
• When would their families want them to come – which holidays, Sundays, late-night shopping times, family nights?
• Where will run one – church, school hall, home?
• What organisations may give support?
• How will you advertise? Flyers, newspaper ads, banners.

2. Make a Start

• Set a date
• Allocate a budget. Will you charge fees?
• Decide on a venue
• Choose the leaders – director, singing leader, drama leader, Bible story leader, craft leader, snack leader, games leader
• Find someone qualified in First Aid?
• Child safety background checks on leaders and helpers
• Hold a planning meeting
• Advertise early
• Decide how you will decorate
• Decide on crafts and start collecting materials

3. On the Day

• Registration – pre-first day? payment?
• Record – for emergencies, follow-up
• Name tags – cool as well as necessary
• Security – completed screening forms? Uniforms for helpers? access to children?
• Zones of safety for helpers and children
• Rules – how to make them clearly understood and enforced
• Behaviour management – firm, fair and friendly
• Refreshments – medical conditions, water

4. Follow-Up

Invite children back for other programs: Friday night tea and presentation with family and friends, Children’s Church, Sabbath School, Adventurers, Special occasions, Christmas, Easter, Picnics, Kids Clubs, movie nights

So… you want to run a fun filled program for the children of your church and community? We may have just what you are looking for!

We have many of these ‘VBS’ programs available at the conference office for use in Victorian churches. Each kit contains everything you need to plan a program that will keep children coming back for more. With bible stories, songs, crafts, snacks ideas, games and more a VBS is a great way to share the message of Jesus with your children.

For a deposit of $50 you can borrow a complete kit containing all of the manuals, music & videos you need to make your church the place to be these school holidays!

Available VBS kits:

Bug Safari

Sergenti Trek


Kingdom Rock


Cave Quest

Camp Kilimanjaro

Jerusalem Marketplace



Faith Shaper

Seven Essential Faith Experience

It is time to work together for the faith of our present and future generations of children and young people.  We have a problem and we have a solutions.  For more information and resources, click here

To run a Faith Shaper workshop at your Church, please contact Julie Catton on 0411 622 294

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