Communications Resources for Pastors

To assist you in your role as a pastor in our conference, here are some useful resources:

Email Signature

You can use the SPD email signature generator, to create your own email signature.  All pastors are encouraged to do this.

Once logged in, there are plenty of instructions and it should be a seamless process.  Please email HR for the password to log in.  If you are having trouble with the generator, email us and we will try to help.


News Subscriptions

The Conference has two regular publications, the quarterly IntraVic which is a printed edition with an email option, and the weekly IntraViCon, sharing departmental and local church news and announcements across Victoria.  The IntraViCon is where bulletin secretaries draw the material for their bulletins from and those producing local church e-news can also use this material, however church members are able to sign up directly themselves.

We encourage you to sign up and flip through the email each week, to be informed of what is being promoted and advertised.

IntraViCon was new in 2020, and we would also appreciate your help encouraging church members to sign up and church communicators to keep an eye on what is in it and share it. 

Conference Calendar

Rather than printing a calendar, the Conference has produced a digital calendar that you can incorporate into your device calendar, or view online.

We include in this calendar, the posters produced for advertising the events, which can be downloaded by local churches for their digital promotions


Business Cards

If you download the template document, fill in the details and email it to HR, we will create your corporate business card.  There is limited scope to change the design, however if you would like something included that is not there, please ask and we will let you know if it is possible.

Web Presence

Here is a checklist for you when starting at a new church to make sure that your web presence is accurate and having maximum impact. 

Information about your church can be added to other sites which is not always accurate, or your church may have a listing on a community page somewhere that could be utilised to better promote your events.

And church times, addresses, contact details sometimes change.

You do not need to do it all… but make sure someone at your church is taking care of it!

Please check the following:

Contact information on your church website

Information on the Conference Find-a-Church page (under services tab above)

Google your church and see what comes up (and correct it if necessary)

Please email if you need help

Useful Websites

Church Website Resource

Set up a website, receive help and more…

Church Branding Resource

Logos, letter heads and more…

AUC Resource site