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Family Ministries plays an important role in connecting God with humanity. It exists to strengthen relationships, helping individuals grow in love and live in harmony with each other as part of the wider family of God.

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When we open the book of Genesis and read about when God created the world, we find two very important things:

WHAT was created, and
WHO created it.

WHAT God creates is simply astounding—light in an instant, oceans and sea creatures, trees and mountains, birds and animals. 

But it’s only when we get to the last day of creation, the sixth day, that we truly get to see WHO is behind the creating. It’s not until God creates the first family—the only thing in His own image—that His true masterpiece is revealed, and in essence, God Himself is revealed.

Family reveals God. 

A marriage is meant to represent Christ and His church, and parenthood is meant to reveal God’s character. It is within the family dynamic where God should be revealed, understood, and modelled first in the lives of people. 

Psychologically, it’s within the first 7 years of life that a parent has the most influence in shaping and moulding not only the character of the child, but the way they view God. 

During the teen and young adult years, their view on life is let loose in the Wild West of the world, and their identity becomes challenged, changed, and finally understood.

When they marry, they see their true selves come to the surface, and start to exemplify their version of who God is to them to their significant other. 

And it’s when they become parents, when they pass on what has been learned, that they fully grasp God’s character as a Father of grace and justice.

In every single stage of life, family plays a vital role in connecting God with humanity.

In fact, the fifth commandment—Honour your Mother and Father—is the link between the first four commandments, which are about God, and the last five commandments, which are about man. 

That’s why Family Ministries exists: To strengthen God’s masterpiece, the family. We understand the complexities of the family unit in this day and age, and know how blended and varied families can be. But that doesn’t take away how important family is to God, and how much He wants to bless your unique family.

So what can the Family Ministries team do to help you?

Our ultimate aim is to help the families in our local churches reclaim the title of being the Masterpieces of God’s creation.

We do this in two ways: Conference-led and local church-led. 

The Conference-led initiatives will be collaborative with other ministries within our Conference to provide things such as online safety workshops, podcasts, online resources, financial counselling, and special events—things you can individually access, attend, or participate in.

The local church-led initiatives are things such as marriage seminars and counselling, men’s ministry support, and tailored support within your local church, helping the local pastor and families to build up and strengthen families in that local church setting.

Most of these resources can be found in the RESOURCE CENTRE below. 

If you would like to know more or would like to have our Family Ministries team support your local church, please contact Pastor Dan Brunt at [[email protected]] or use the Contact form on this page. 


Family Ministry’s Survey 2022 Results


The Family Ministries Department administered a state-wide survey in 2022, which sought to understand the families within the VIC Conference better. 

Trends and patterns such as worship and church attendance frequency have shown some very important results, which call for a greater focus on the family altar, in particular family worship in the home. 

If you would like to read more, please press below to download the full report.










Please feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you have.

Pr Uili Mauga

Director of Family Ministries