What is it?

A 2-year initiative (2018-2019) embedded in a 5-year strategy (2018-2022) designed to revolutionize the way we grow churches through revitalization and church planting.

Harvest Victoria begins a cultural shift in our Conference.

  • The first year invites us to come to Christ and then go with Him into the harvest field. Personal work is the key focus by training 100 local missionaries for practical witness. Digital disciples use social media to genuinely connect with others.
  • The second year we prepare for a major statewide evangelistic campaign as a springboard to establish 4 new church plants. 400 more local missionaries will be trained for practical witness.
  • The third year we enable 5 established churches to revitalize the way they do mission, train an additional 350 local missionaries through a newly developed Missionary/Discipleship Training School and plant 6 new churches.
  • The fourth and fifth years coaches 20 churches through revitalization, plants 12 new churches and trains 650 local missionaries.


Our Goals through Harvest Victoria

  • 1500 workers trained
  • 22 new church plants
  • 25 churches revitalized
  • 1800 baptism / profession of faith
  • Prayer Summit Priority
  • Social Media empowered
  • Discipleship path normalized
  • Training school established
  • Cultural shift for Victorian Conference

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