Harvest Victoria

Harvest Victoria begins a cultural shift in our Conference.

It is a 2-year initiative (2018-2019) embedded in a 5-year strategy (2018-2022) designed to revolutionise the way we grow churches through revitalisation and church planting.

“Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” (John 4:35)

What is it and who is it for?

Why Harvest Victoria

Harvest Victoria – 5 year high level plan


Please check our latest resources here.

Kingdom Come DVD is a presentation of the amazing prophecy in Daniel chapter 2

It invites the audience to travel back in time to examine the prophecy and see it for themselves that God knows human history more than 2000 years in advance. Our owrld is never alone in this universe and that our existence does have a purpose.

Included in this DVD Sharing Kit: 5X DVDs, 1x USB with HD copy of the film, 5X Prophectic Code Study Guide #01. Price is $10.00 

Price for DVD single –  $ 1.00

Watch the trailer of this DVD here

The Prophetic Code (currently unavailable)

A full set of Prophetic Code Bible Study guide contains 21 lessons, nicely packaged with 3 ring binder for only $20.00.

Lessons can also be purchased individually – @60 cents per booklet and 3 ring binder – $10.00

The Bible Study Guides from It Is Written

These 25 guides are a great way to learn and share the timeless truths of God’s Word. They are attractive, modern and easy to use.

  • Simple Q&A format, with the answer key included.
  • High-quality photos and artwork.
  • Lead-in stories, abundant illustrations and features boxes to engage readers.
  • Twenty-five lessons covering all the major Bible doctrines.
  • Each lesson can stand on its own.

Lesson can be purchased individually at 60c per booklet or $15.00 for a full set.

The It Is Written mega mailer

The mega mailer is a simple, cost-effective way to share lifechanging truth with your community. A church that uses these interest-generating resources will have many Bible study requests. This will be the beginning of a wonderful journey that will lead to many baptisms.

This mega mailer is 10c each.

My Place With Jesus Bible Study Guides for Kids

These Bible lessons explains the plan of salvation, how to have relationship with Jesus, and the major themes of the Bible – designed for ages 7-12

This Bible study set is $15.00 per set

My Place With Jesus Bible

Price: $40.00

Have you ever wondered how to get kids excited about reading the Bible? The new My Place With Jesus Bible is packed with features that will engage and inspire them with a new love for God’s Word. From the reversible colour-your-own dust jacket to the original illustrations throughout, this Bible will impress kids and parents alike.

P.S. The full My Place With Jesus Bible Guide Set is included in the back of the Bible!

It Is Written Q cards

Price: $20.00

An innovative way to teach great Bible truths in a small group setting using the It Is Written Bible Study Guides. Includes 405 easy-to-use cards and instructions to make every Bible study a memorable and enjoyable experience.


Online Discipleship Resources

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Purchasing Harvest Victoria Resources

Please email our Departmental PA to purchase our resources or if you have any other enquiries. 

Training videos

Below you’ll find the playlist of 16 videos from our 2019 training sessions. To view all videos click on the playlist button on the top left hand side of the video.


We are Harvest Victoria.


Andrew Jasper

Project Manager

Fraser Catton 
Project Manager

Church Planting Coordinator

Roy Kim
Church Planting Coordinator

Our Goals through Harvest Victoria

workers trained

new church plants

churches revitalized

baptism / profession of faith


Prayer Summit Priority


Discipleship path normalized

Social Media empowered

Cultural shift for Victorian Conference


Training school established