Resources for those in a marriage or relationship. 

Couple Checkup – Prepare Enrich

Online Resource

As an online customised assessment tool, Couple Checkup is meant to be a fun, easy way to take a closer look at your relationship, increase relationship strengths, and above all – spark meaningful conversation between you and your partner.

COVID-19 Survival Guide for Marriage

Digital Download

As many of you already know, the COVID-19 public health crisis has also become an emotional and spiritual challenge for countless individuals as well as marriage and family relationships around the world. This situation has provoked anxiety, stress, tension, grief and even spiritual uncertainty.

To help you intentionally use this time to build up your marriage and family relationships, Adventist Family Ministries has developed the COVID-19 Survival Guides for Marriage, Parenting, and Families. Each guide has more than 15 carefully selected messages about nurturing relationships, family worship, grief, safety in the home, hope and much more.