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The focus of Children’s Ministries is to connect children to a life-long, loving relationship with Jesus and His Church through discipleship, worship, community, service, stewardship and outreach.


How to Pass Your Faith to Your Kids  << click link

Sermon notes for Kids

Sermon notes are a great way to help kids stay focused on the key points of the sermon and record what it means to them.

click here to download

Gracelink Ministry Resourses for Sabbath School

For understanding of how Gracelink works and other resources

Gracelink Brochure Glossary / How to use Gracelink / Gracelink dynamics / Curriculum / Gracelink FAQs / Age Group guidelines / Learning Style doc 1 / doc 2 / Total Hour  / Understanding Beginners / Understanding Kindergarten / Understanding Primary / Understanding Juniors


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