Victorian Adventist Adult Singles
VAAS exists to provide a ministry of encouragement, support and nurture for single adults within the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Victoria… 

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All individuals are equal in God’s sight. This individuality is precious. It is often on single people that many of the great enterprises are built. Singleness is not a problem to God and should not be to the church. There is nothing in scripture or in psychology to suggest that being unmarried is a bad idea. In fact there are examples in both Scripture and secular history that show the effectiveness and power of the single life.

Providing a blend of social and spiritual activities where single adults can meet, associate and worship together in an atmosphere that recognises and affirms Christian values.

Conducting conventions, retreats and seminars that provide for the social, emotional and spiritual growth of single adults.

Offering acceptance and support for single adults experiencing loneliness and loss, and affirming them in their search for purpose and significance.

Providing a community in which the unique concerns of single adults can be heard, shared and addressed.

Developing meaningful service opportunities and outreach activities for single adults within the Church and the community.

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Hi VAAS members, Twenty Six of our members had an enjoyable trip as they travelled to Mildura on the long weekend. Wes and his wife had a nice tea ready for them on the Coonawarra Paddelboat on their arrival. They had worship at the SDA church on Friday night. A...

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Newsletter 2nd March 2020

Hi Everyone, Please accept my apologies that is has been a long time since I sent out a newsletter. We had a pleasant time at Carol’s home for lunch and some of us ventured to the beautiful surroundings of Maroondah Dam in Healesville to go for a walk and to enjoy a...

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VAAS Members…

What a wonderful time the 70 people who attended our weekend retreat at Elkanah had. It was such a rich blessing to listen to Gary Kent speak on archaeological discoveries that prove the Bible is accurate and prophecies true, and that we can know that there is a...

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Newsletter 26th July 2019

Hi Everyone, Since the last newsletter we have had two programs with the singles. In June, 17 singles, including 5 new members, joined together at the Exquisite Madoljai Thai Restaurant for a very enjoyable time together of lively discussion and interesting food. Then...

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Newsletter 4th June

Hi Everyone, I hope this newsletter finds you all spiritually and physically well.  I realise we have now entered winter but one of the pleasures of living in Victoria is that we get to enjoy all four seasons.  The Committee has been busy planning some great events...

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Newsletter 25th April

Hi VAAS Members, What an Awesome God we have.  Thirty six singles have just had the most wonderful weekend in Bright enjoying God’s creation with all the vibrant colours, majestic mountains, varied weather conditions, excellent accommodation and food, sitting around...

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Newsletter 1st April

It has been awhile since I have sent out a newsletter but I wanted to let you know about the May program.  The committee does not want to advertise too far ahead of what is happening in case there are unforeseen changes.  We are going back to The Peninsula Hot Springs...

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Pr. Malcolm Reid