Victorian Adventist Adult Singles

VAAS exists to provide a ministry of encouragement, support and nurture for single adults within the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Victoria… 

We provide this support through...


Providing a blend of social and spiritual activities where single adults can meet, associate and worship together in an atmosphere that recognises and affirms Christian values.


Conducting conventions, retreats and seminars that provide for the social, emotional and spiritual growth of single adults.


Offering acceptance and support for single adults experiencing loneliness and loss, and affirming them in their search for purpose and significance.


Providing a community in which the unique concerns of single adults can be heard, shared and addressed.


Developing meaningful service opportunities and outreach activities for single adults within the Church and the community.

About Us...

All individuals are equal in God’s sight. This individuality is precious. It is often on single people that many of the great enterprises are built. Singleness is not a problem to God and should not be to the church. There is nothing in scripture or in psychology to suggest that being unmarried is a bad idea. In fact there are examples in both Scripture and secular history that show the effectiveness and power of the single life.


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19th January                      

Visit East Pahran Church with fellowship Lunch (please bring a plate of food) the  a visit to Botanical Gardens for a BYO tea.

 9th February                     

Potluck Tea & Movie at Mark’s home 

17th March                        

Imax Theatre & meal at Vegie Bar

 25-28th April      

Getaway Weekend Retreat: “Autumn Leaves in Bright”  – 3 nights accommodation at “Our Place” 4 Luxury homes on the one  Property. 

25th May                            

Peninsula Hot Springs – Accommodation at Kanasta Caravan Park and breakfast at Smiles Restaurant     

22nd June                          

Meal at a City Restaurant


A mystery night TBA

17th August                       

Visit a Theatre Show in the city

21st September

Home evening at Wayne’s- Caroline Springs

12th October     

Country Church Visit

 8-10th November  

Weekend Retreat – Marysville

31st December    

New Years Eve Cruise

Committee Members


Cherryl Martens

0411 481 930

VAAS PO Box 907 Lilydale Vic 3140


Mark Wlodarczyk

0419 499 992

Carol Fehlberg

0457 043 666

Wayne Hurst

0400 866 020

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