Trust Services

Ensuring that we effectively manage the resources
God entrusts to us all.

Trust Services

A highly specialised department of the Adventist Church, Trust Services helps you pass the right inheritance at the right time to the right people, with consideration to your faith.
This service is not just for the wealthy, and it isn’t just for seniors. Throughout the life cycle, needs and responsibilities change and we can discuss these with you, helping you protect your loved ones financially and sustain the causes you love.
Administered locally by people who worship right beside you, our services are free… so every church member, friend or family member can effectively plan for the future, managing the resources God has entrusted to them.

Life is about growing from child to adult to senior.  It is also about extending God’s kingdom from generation to generation.
Our faith in the Lord may be constant, but personal, family and financial challenges change almost daily.
Having a Will allows you to decide how you would like your assets to be distributed. Where guardianship of minor children is involved, you want your Christian values to be expressed and we understand this.
You may also choose to make a provision to a church, a church entity or charity and we can assist as you make this choice.

If you dont have a will, the process of distributing your assets involves the appointment of an administrator by the Courts.  Any expense involved will be deducted from your assets prior to distribution.
The legal rules will place your surviving spouse or former spouse and children above all relatives.  Your assets are held until an administrator has been appointed.
This process may be lengthy and as part of our church organisation, Trust Services was founded to offer the availability to write your own Will free of charge, minimising difficulty and delay.

To have a New Will prepared for you, please arrange for an appointment by contacting Steve at the Victorian Conference Office: 03 9264 7725 Mobile: 0423 784 000 or Email: Out of hours appointments are also available. If you are unable to come to the Conference Office, Steve is happy to visit you at your home.

Please download, and fill in the relevant document (available below) to bring with you to your appointment. If you are unable to do this, Steve will have a form to fill out upon arrival to your appointment.

Useful documents


For over 30 years, Trust Services of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been assisting clients in preparing their Wills…

Steve Whitson

Phone: 0423 784 000