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Who are we and what do we believe?

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Our Mission Statement

To make disciples for Jesus Christ, of all peoples, communicating the everlasting Gospel in the context of the Three Angels Messages of Revelation 14:6-12.

Our Vision

Is to be a thriving disciple-making movement across Victoria.


We want you to grow closer to God and be prepared for His return.  To share His love with your community as His Spirit lives in your life as an individual and as a member of your church family.  We want you to have confidence in and commitment to our Church movement, beliefs and lifestyle and be enabled and empowered to share our Bible-based hope with your friends and family.  We want you to experience authentic and meaningful relationships with them and above all, with our Saviour, Christ Jesus.


Please feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you have.

Victorian Conference
141 Central Road,
Nunawading 3131, Victoria, Australia

Postal address: PO Box 215,
Nunawading 3131

Phone: 03 9264 7777
Fax: 03 9264 7700

We praise God for what He is doing and invite you to join us as we pray that He will continue to work through His people, right here in Victoria.

Pr Graeme Christian

In the midst of our many and varied administrative duties, we keep in mind that each number and statistic represents a being, created in God’s image, for whom Christ willingly died.

Pr Craig Gillis
Conference Secretary

It is a privilege to serve the conference by providing financial leadership and accountability to our churches, schools, and aged care.   To see evidence of God’s leadership and blessing as we serve.

Mr Graeme Moffitt
Chief Financial Officer