Hi Everyone,

I hope this newsletter finds you all spiritually and physically well.  I realise we have now entered winter but one of the pleasures of living in Victoria is that we get to enjoy all four seasons.  The Committee has been busy planning some great events for you, some of which are outlined below and others in the enclosed advertising brochures.

As stated in our last newsletter, our monthly programs are subject to change, and this is what happened for the May advertised program.  Owing to the lack of timely responses to this event the Committee cancelled our visit to The Peninsula Hot Springs, and instead had a homes evening at Mark’s place.  The twenty-two people who attended Mark’s had a most enjoyable time as we fellowshipped in his warm lounge room.  We welcomed five new people and Mark asked everyone to say a little about themselves so that we could all become better acquainted.  There was great discussion and plenty of food to be shared.

New members are always welcome, so feel free to invite your single friends to any of the planned events.

June 29 is the date for a visit to Madoljai Thai Restaurant, 12 North Course, Beaumaris.  You will need to book by the 23rd June.  See attached advertising brochure for all the details.  

You will need to keep Sabbath 13th July free as Carol has invited us to her place for lunch to celebrate her birthday.  See attached advertising brochure.

Pr Gary Kent will be our guest speaker at our Elkanah retreat this year, the dates being 22nd to 24th November 2019.  Marysville should be very beautiful at that time of year.  Please keep these dates free, and RSVP early, as we are expecting this weekend retreat to be well attended.

The committee would like to hear from you if you have any suggestions for our monthly programs as we are always on the lookout for new and interesting things to do and places to go.  Just have a word to a Committee member.  Can I also encourage you to RSVP to planned events by the date shown in the advertising brochures as you may miss out because the event is full or it may be cancelled due to a lack of numbers indicating attendance. 

Have you visited the Victorian SDA Conference website, if you click on ministries and then click on Victorian Adventist Adult Singles you will be more informed with what is happening and be able to have a look at the photo gallery which is being added to each month?  Also, if you have any good quality photos you can share with us please email them to:- cherryl@steps.org.au .

Christian regards

On behalf of the VAAS Committee
0411 481 930