Imagine being part of a church that values their youth so much that they are willing to pay and train young leaders to do ministry instead of having that part time job at Macca’s or wherever!

Did you know the churches in Victoria, in partnership with the Conference, employ more than 20 Youth Pastoral Workers (YPW’s) in churches around Victoria.  These YPW’s gathered together for a dedicated YPW retreat in the first weekend in May.  The retreat was organised by the Ministerial Association and supported by

the Youth Department and other presenters.  The YPW’s learnt more about sharing your faith, the YPW role, how to give Bible Studies, better manage their multiple roles and set goals, and various aspects of youth ministry.

YPW’s are youth that want to make a difference in their church, and they do make a difference.  They impact their peers for Christ, they gain a taste of ministry and become the leaders we need.  They are supported by their local church and mentored, like apprentices, by their local pastor and other local leaders.  These young people choose to engage with church life at a time when many are tempted to disengage.  With

local support these YPW’s run small groups, seek out other young people to visit, preach, plan, pray and lead in their local church.

Churches can apply for conference support and have 1/3 of the employment cost sponsored by the Conference if approved.

Ministerial Secretary, Pr Darren Croft, says “Never underestimate what a young person, committed to God, can do when they are encouraged and supported by their local church.”

If you would like to know more about this program, contact [email protected]