Our Church members at Bendigo wanted to highlight the true meaning of Christmas without all the Santa Claus hype.
So we decided to give back to the community with an evening of traditional carols accompanied by a free three course dinner, which was held on the 10th December 2017, in the church hall.
The ticket to the evening was a church member accompanied by a non-Adventist friend.
The hall was delightfully decorated by Kim and Alicia O’Connor. When our guests walked through the door they were amazed at how the hall and the tables looked, setting a good atmosphere for the evening ahead.
Marilyn McIntyre was the head chef, willingly supported by her helpers. We catered for 120 people. 80 of whom were non-Adventist friends.
The feedback from our guests, over the vegetarian meal, was one of amazement and delight; being free was a bonus! Many asked for recipes.
Andrew McIntyre and Marcus Robinson provided an excellent sound system for Naomi Marsh, her singers and musicians as they lead out in the carols.
Adding a special and humorous touch to the evening was the puppet show ably performed by Eric and Alicia O’Connor and interspersed between the singing.
All in all, a very successful way to build relationships with our community.

Claude Trickey