This is a tough situation…given the fact NNSW and WA have cancelled their camps, it kind of ‘paints us into a corner’ when it comes to Victorian Big Camp. Can we, in good conscience go ahead? What questions may be asked as to why we go ahead, and others don’t?

My vote in this situation would be NO – largely because the risks are so high, especially for vulnerable and immuno-compromised individuals when it comes to the hygiene questions, specifically in relation to our bathrooms. Additionally, with the issues of shortages of toilet paper in supermarkets, what is the impact of the supply for camp and, what is the likelihood of camp attenders stockpiling their toilet paper supplies from our camp bathrooms?

Another concern is whether the speakers coming in will: be allowed in the country; Be allowed back to their country without issue; Want to travel given the risks

All in all, a postponement makes sense.