First Aired August 8, 2020

Join us this weekend as we continue our Just Jesus series. This week we will be digging into some lesser known details about a story you’ve most likely heard before – when Jesus turned 5 loaves and 2 fish into a meal for thousands. Can an ancient story we’ve known for years have fresh insights into our lives today?  Join us as we explore this with Lani Edwards 


Discuss in your group the idea of believing something. When you hear a story that sounds unbelievable, what sort of evidence do you need to believe it? have you ever been sucked in by a scam? Or triple checked a story before you would believe it? Or are you the type of person who believes everything at face value?


Digging Deeper

Let’s start with what Lani called the “drop the mic” story. 

Read in your group 2 Kings 4:42-44 and discuss the similarities between this story and the gospel story. Had you heard this story before? Why is one story so famous and the other is not?

Did you like the idea that the 12 baskets were packed lunch boxes? Discuss that idea.

“Jesus is a hippie” – agree or disagree? Discuss

Is this a story that makes you proud to be a Christian? Is it a story you’re proud to share with other people? Do you think it’s the type of story that would make people believe?

Optional question: Explore further the idea that this story was around the time of Passover. Share together what you know about Passover, and why that detail adds to the story.

Finish your discussion with “He made them sit down in green pastures”. (John 6:10) When you hear that, your brain should naturally reflect on Psalm 23. There are so many verses in Psalm 23 that are so relevant to our situation today, dealing with grief, loss, pain, sorrow, sickness, fear, loneliness, isolation, insecurity, loss of income, disrupted work and school.

Share in your group together what Psalm 23 means to you, and
what strength it can give you for the week ahead.

To think about

You’re called to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and by believing have life in his name. Do you believe? If you do, you have eternal life. It’s that simple.