As a medical practitioner & church elder, i have to say the risks are significant  for major problems if Big Camp were to proceed in ANY part of Australia this year ( especially NSW & Victoria at the moment).  If there was even 1 case of COVID 19 the entire camp congregation would have to be traced ,tested , & quarantined for  2 weeks .   I guarantee it would be headline news on all TV stations .  This publicity i feel would almost certainly be uniformly negative .   ( One of the tests the AMA uses for deciding  a debateable course of action is — ” would you want to appear on the 7.30 report & defend this with an ABC interviewer” . )

I strongly believe in prayerfully going forward in faith & trusting God in our lives  , but this is a special situation, & I believe it calls for caution —  We are counselled to be wise as serpents & harmless as doves.   We are taking very strong measures in our medical practices to try to avoid further spread of this virus ,especially among the most vulnerable group– the elderly .