Stewardship (… Sabbath School… Health… we are all one in Christ…)
So I’d like to plant a seed – an idea – in your mind: stewardship is much more than your money. If there is one truth this quarter’s Sabbath School lesson has taught us is that we are “stewards of the mysteries of God.” 1 Cor. 4:1
Consider the mysteries of your body; how it is fined tuned for life with many of its core functions handled subconsciously. Heart rate, breathing, immunity, nerve impulses (and the list goes on) all operating harmoniously together to keep you moving forward. No wonder the church is likened to a body.
And what of the mystery of your mind inside your brain? The cranial nerves firing off, sending and receiving information, thoughts, memories, analysis, creativity. What an amazing organ!
Then you have your emotions – your heart feelings which sometimes pre-empt your thoughts and other times run parallel with them. These move us into relationship with others, alert us to danger and allow us to live in joy, peace and love.
Lastly, our spirit is where the gospel of Christ and the Holy Spirit speak through to our whole being, so our mind is informed of His will, our heart braced for duty and trial and our body strengthen with His might.
We could continue to describe the wonders of all creation from the minutest atom the radiant cosmos. We are stewards of what we have seen and tasted of the Lord’s creative power in our lives and our world. In order to impact our world for Christ we are called to be faithful stewards – because you can teach what you know, but you’ll reproduce who you are.
My name is Andrew Jasper and I’m assisted by my wife Keryn who has a passion for stewardship. We have been appointed to coordinate this vital ministry in our conference of churches in Victoria. We want you to experience Christ anew, have your edge freshly sharpened and faithfully share your experience with another fellow traveller. Stewardship is about your whole person being physically energized, mentally focused, emotionally connected and spiritually aligned. Then, through God’s leading you can establish your economic engine, climb the heights of intellectual greatness, connect in meaningful relationships with others and soar to heights of character and love that He envisions for your life.
So let your study of the remainder of this quarter’s Sabbath School lesson be golden moments for the Holy Spirit to shape and mould you into the image of God. We’ll culminate our study at Big Camp where we’ll celebrate our 13th Sabbath all together.
Our prayer for you is to experience the truth of the Apostle’s words, “Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found trustworthy.” 1 Cor. 4:2 (RSV)
He can do it. Will you follow Him?

Andrew Jasper