In 2018, we welcome some new leaders as ADRA School Ambassadors! They will be involved with educating their peers about ADRA’s work locally and overseas, participating in community programs and helping to develop new programs and events to further support people in need.

“My name is Kaitlyn Carnie and I am a student at Nunawading Christian College.  I love to go out of my comfort zone with meeting new people and trying to exhibit God in any way that I can. I love ADRA because I think it is one of the most influential platforms to serve God, and so many people are able to get involved. I’m proud to be a part of the team because I can see all the wonderful things that ADRA do, both in the community and across the world. ”

“My name is Leah Perkic and I am a student at Heritage College.
ADRA is important to me as it gives me the opportunity to help others, to stop thinking about myself and my problems and take a look at the problems faced by those around the world that are far greater than mine, and better yet, it gives me the opportunity to help solve them. To improve someone’s quality of living, even if it is just one person. ADRA puts the world into perspective for me, it helped me realise that just one person can make a world of difference.”

“My name is Isabelle Anderson and I am a student at Edinburgh College. This opportunity to be an ADRA Ambassador has made me even more excited for starting high school! I didn’t even know that could be possible. I absolutely love helping others and I know that ADRA will help me find different ways I can help others. If it’s to do with physical health, I could do a fundraiser or if it’s to do with mental health I could just give someone lonely some company once a week! I know being an ADRA Ambassador and ADRA itself will help me do those things! The leader I want to be when I’m older is someone who puts others ahead of themselves and a kind, compassionate person who is willing to have a go.
Knowing that I have made someone’s life better makes my life better!”