In March, we were excited as the planning for Big Camp and Pathfinder Expedition was coming together so smoothly. However, things changed overnight…and then they changed again! In keeping with current health advice, a number of our upcoming events have been cancelled or indefinitely postponed until it is safe to host them once more.

Due to the increasing risk that COVID-19 places on the community, it is important that we abide by public health advice in this time of uncertainty. Please be assured that these decisions have been made prayerfully and with the combined council of medical professionals and church leaders.
We ask you to pray without ceasing and trust that God will continue to work through His people in this new global phase. We look forward to the way in which this situation may bring us back to the small community model of church found in Acts 2. Check-in on your neighbours and support those who may be struggling.

The following statement from Mt Rubidoux SDA Church sums what’s happening all around the world and what we need to do:
“There are a lot of things taking place, but beyond those things that we are able to see with our eyes, there are things taking place within the supernatural realm. God has called us to pray continually. This appeal does not negate the need to pray without ceasing (1 Thes 5:17), but we are asking for a united effort in prayer specifically in relation to this virus and God’s guidance for His people. Decisions (all around the world!) are being made now, and we want those decisions to be COVERED with prayer.”