Within weeks of the Constituency Meeting, the Appointments Committee had completed its work of appointing directors, associates and assistants to lead the departmental ministry within the Victorian Conference.

After much prayer and careful consideration, the following team of Departmental Leaders has been appointed:

ADRA Director: Rebecca Auriant

Children’s Ministries Director: Julie Catton

Education Director: Bryan Mercer

Associate Education Director: Betty Lakovic

Health, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director:  Andrew Jasper

Ministerial Association Secretary:  Darren Croft

Trust Services Director:  Steve Whitson

Youth Director: Philip Hyland

Associate Youth Director:  Simon Gigliotti

We have seen one change for the next term of office, with Tarnya Garner replacing Danijela Trajkov as Women’s Ministries Director.

In addition, conference administration has agreed to provide leadership for the following departments: Communications, Family Ministries and Public Relations Director: Graeme Christian.  Religious Liberty Director: Craig Gillis