All Sabbaths are special but on the 7th October the Bairnsdale Church family really did rejoice in something extra special.
A young woman named Andrea Peers was baptised by Pastor Andrew Wilson in a moving ceremony that marked Andrea’s long journey towards accepting Jesus as her personal Lord and Saviour.
As she told us in her testimony, for years she had known of God but kept Him at arm’s length. But our Lord doesn’t give up easily. He showed Himself to Andrea through a vision of light, in a loving, comforting way when she had hit rock bottom.
Now she is happy to know that she belongs to Jesus for eternity.
We also had another reason to thank God that day.
Two couples who have led our ADRA Opportunity Centre were thanked with flowers and some food “goodies”.
Carol and Gary Stoneman were there to establish the ADRA Centre on the church property from it’s beginning in 2006, then in 2014 Lorraine and Ken Ryan took the reins.
ADRA specialises in office and used furniture, electrical goods and white wear, and has helped many people in the community over the years, giving away thousands of dollars in goods and aid. The current team aims to carry on from the good foundation laid by these two couples.

Judy Walker