Below is a YouTube video presentation by Dr Laurence Turner entitled ‘Blessed Hope or Blessed Calculation.’   Now if you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Just what I need – another video to watch (Not)!”

So with that introduction… let me recommend it to you anyway.

With some claiming that Christ will come in 2027 and others focusing on ‘2520’ it’s time to take a good look and understand what the Bible actually means.  Dr Turner summarises his findings under 4 headings,

  • Signs of the Times – taking a look at key Bible passages
  • The reapplication of Biblical Prophecy – is this a valid hermeneutic?
  • The Cosmic Week – How does this 6,000-year theory work?
  • What does Ellen White say about time setting?

I found the presentation to be thorough, faithful to scripture, interesting and very helpful and that’s no surprise if you know Laurence Turner.

Pr Graeme Christian, Conference President