A unanimous decision to grant Casey Church a permit to use their building for worship was made at the City of Casey’s  February Council meeting and brings to an end a thirteen year search by Casey members  for a new church home, after leaving their original Dandenong church building in 2006.

Two local Ward Councillors spoke strongly in favour of Casey’s application stating that the former gymnasium had fallen into disrepair and was a focal point for local delinquency and drug abuse.  Casey Church’s occupation of the building, located directly opposite Narre Warren train station, was a “Win-Win-Win” Cr Aziz said.  “It is a ‘Win’ for the local businesses by bringing activity into the area, ‘Win’ for the local community by reducing local criminal and anti-social activity, and a ‘Win’ for the City of Casey having another church community calling the municipality home.”

The journey to this point has not been easy, with repeated relocation and complicated planning hurdles, however they persevered with unity and trust and the Lord has blessed them.  

Casey received a South Pacific Division Church Grant and support initiatives from our Conference while local members diligently supported their relocation fund financially,  with many “giving til it hurt.”

There is a lot of work to be done given the building has been derelict and vandalised for many years.  Please pray the soon to commence renovation will go smoothly so we can have another congregation making a difference in their community. 

Galen Gan